Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dinosaur eggs

Monday the boys and I were running errands. One of our stops was Hobby Lobby. I was actually just going to grab a table I had seen there before, but they are redoing the store so I had to walk all around it looking.....only to not find it. *sigh*

In our journey around the store we came across several treasures the boys could not live without. We ended up getting pin wheels and dinosaur eggs. The kind of eggs you put in water, the dino inside grows, and hatches out of the egg.

It took 2 long days of the boys checking them every few minutes, but today they finally hatched. So we played with them for a little while.

While playing with them, Logan named the dinosaurs. He named his dinosaur "Big Butt" and Landon's is named "Long Necky."

Yes, Logan is shirtless and Landon is in PJs...pretty common around here these days!

Logan and Big Butt
Landon and Long Necky

Big Butt and Long Necky are now back in their tubs of water trying to grow some more. The boys are still checking on them constantly waiting to see changes. Maybe in the morning they will be a little larger!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

She blogs again!

Hmm...2 months ago I said I was going to start again. Well, I didn't.

BUT--I am now! Thanks to a few friends pestering me enough about it ;)

Dan is now a Naval Aviator.

We now live in Alabama.

I am 32 weeks pregnant and ready for it to be done (remind me of this when I'm sleep deprived and wishing I could put him back in!)

Baby #3 has a name--Keighan Alexander.

Landon and Logan are now playing tee ball at the Y.

Catching up on the past few months would just be too much. Instead I'm just going to do a few highlights of this crazy thing called life from this month.
My birthday began the month. Of course I had to have a strawberry cake with strawberry icing. My mom has made me one of these almost every single year. Well, until I was out of the house (and even then at times she's been around on my bday to make it!). So this year I made it and my little ones decorated it. The chocolate dipped strawberries are from Landon and the blueberries from Logan.
This was my birthday night...getting love from my guys!
The boys have been really excited about their baby brother!
This is them "helping" me put together Keighan's swing
(or cradle as Landon keeps calling it)
Whitney seems to think all baby things are hers.
Within minutes of the swing being together she was in it...
and the boys were rocking her.
She's been camping out on the changing pad and also in the crib!
Reminds me a bit of Piper and Bronco before Landon came along
Pratt LOVES when Landon gets up from a nap.
Landon will usually come downstairs and get on the couch.
Pratt hears the door open and starts looking for Landon.
Then once Landon gets on the couch Pratt is promptly in his lap!
Landon wanted a pic of them together.
Mobile has large Mardi Gras celebrations.
Fat Tuesday we headed downtown and saw some parades!
Logan would ONLY wear the red beads.
Landon with a lot of his loot!
There was an airshow over at Keesler AFB (in Mississippi)
We headed over one Sunday to check it out.
Love this of Dan and Logie!
The boys got some ice cream at the air show...
which melted quite quickly!!
Logan pracitcing tee ball in the back yard.
He is SO excited have a team to be on now!
Landon has gotten SO much better this year!
He's really connecting hard and he's having FUN!

The boys got a special package in the mail today from cousin Austen
They each got a stick...even Keighan has one waiting on him!!
So far we've managed just to knock one picture frame down.
I might put them in a padded room with these!
Logan got this and is in love with it,
he even wore it to sleep in tonight!
Stars + red = perfect Logan match!

So that's all for now. But I promise I'll be back soon to update more. Like within the next few days :)