Monday, August 23, 2010

Landon's 1st Day Report

Landon's first day was a successful one!!!

We went to pick him up and got there a few minutes early. They have the parents wait in the lobby area and the classes are brought out. Then you line up for your child's class and the teachers check your ID (Dan had to come along...I locked my purse and keys in my car, ugh!). Ms. Miller asked who our child was and as soon as we said, "Landon" she smiled and said, "Oh I love Landon! He is awesome. I can already tell he is going to be my helper in class!" She then got Landon and he came bounding down the hall.

He had a great day and was so excited about it. Landon made sure to tell us about his special green folder that he needs to bring back to school everyday and what they did in class.

Sounds like it was a great start to the year, I hope it continues!

First Day of PreK!

August 23, 2010....Landon's first day of PreK!

Landon before heading to school.
He was getting irritated with me at this point.
It's super hot and muggy,
(radio on the way to school said a high of 101...before heat index),
my lens kept fogging up after walking outside!
In front of the Flour Bluff ISD sign.
All of the schools are in the same area and all are Flour Bluff,
then you have Early Childhood Education (PreK & K),
Primary School (1-2), Elementary (3-4),
on up through 12th grade.
Mrs. Miller and Landon

He has been SO excited about going to school. Yesterday he jumped up at one point in the morning and said, "OH! I forgot! I have to go to school today!!" We had to tell him he still had one more day off. He was fine with getting ready this morning and we all loaded up to go in. With all the schools being in the same area it was really congested traffic wise. Busses, cars, people....everywhere. It took a few minutes to get to a parking spot. When I went to let him out he was frozen, kept telling me he was tired (he does that when he gets scared/nervous/doesn't want to do something). We went to where the crossing guard was and crossed over to his school. Landon was walking pretty slow and timid, I was a little concerned how it was going to go at that point. The chaos was a bit overwhelming. We went to the PreK hallway where all the PreK students were lined up outside their classrooms. After a few minutes Mrs. Miller came out and told everyone to come in. They filed in and found seats on the large alphabet rug. Mrs. Miller then began talking to them asking them to look at their backpacks and remember what they look like before they put them away. At that point I heard Landon pipe up excitedly, "I already know what mine looks like, it's green it's my favorite color!" Then the 3 of us left. Now even though Logan is home it's oddly quiet without Landon here. PreK is only 3 hours long though so it won't be long before our house it back it's usual capacity and the noise level up.

Oh...for the record, since my dear husband was convinced I was going to be a big emotional tearful wreck, I just want to say not a single tear was shed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hooks game

Corpus has a local minor league team, the Corpus Christi Hooks. We decided to head downtown to the field and check them out.

Our seats were in the berm.
Can't beat 3 tickets for $12!
(Logan was free)
Between the 2 berm areas they had a play place for kids set up.
Daddy and the boys went to investigate while I stayed with our spot.
Here they are across the field!
The boys immediately chilled out on the blanket.
Well, for a few moments anyways.
I knew it was too good to last long.
Landon watching the game.
He was SO relaxed there!

Logan was pretty relaxed too soaking up the rays and the game.
The boys at the wall where we were sitting.
Yeah, that relaxation didn't last long.
Soon they were rolling down the hill!

Landon busting a move while some music played.
They gave out aluminum water bottles to the first 2,000 or so fans.
Logan insisted that I took a picture of him with one.
No brainer...
a stadium in Corpus Christi of course will be sponsored by Whataburger!
Corpus is the home of Whataburger, they are everywhere!
We told the boys they needed to pay attention to the game
incase a ball came to where we were sitting.
It had Logan freaked out for a little,
worried a ball was going to hit him on his head.
No balls came our way.
We left the top of the 5th inning,
as we were walking out a home run was hit
and landed right where we had been sitting!
Oh well, maybe next time.
The boys by the statue at the entrance to the field.

The not in a box not quite bento lunch

It's not in a box.

It's not rice, sushi, etc.

It certainly does not have chop sticks.
{although I'm thinking the boys will turn the pretzels into them at some point}

But it is as close as we'll get to a Bento lunch right now.

L1 and L2's schmorgesborg of a lunch today.
L1 was requesting everything under the sun,
so this is what I came up with.
*Dinosaur turkey sandwich.
*Kiwi and strawberries cut into stars with sword sticks.
*Pretzels. Cheese stick.
*Mini corn dogs cut in half stuck with another sword stick.
* which they both dipped the mini corn dogs,
and pretzels (yuck).

L2 trying out the kiwi.
This was actually the first time they've eaten it.
L2 has had an obsession with strawberry kiwi juice lately.
Also the kiwi puzzle on a game he plays on the iPhone.
The blur in the pic?
L1 shoving a piece of kiwi in my face asking if the seeds were ok to eat.
The aftermath.
Plate cleared, milk downed.
Now I'm crossing my fingers that a full belly=a long nap!

I picked up the silicone pinch bowls and swords from World Market yesterday while running errands (yes, I managed to fit in errands in that busy day too!). The star cookie cutter and dinobyte we already had.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Friday of Freedom

Part of me feels like this summer has flown past.

Goodbyes, packers, moving truck, cruise, time off, driving to Texas, moving into our new house, soccer, swim lessons, new friends, etc.

Other parts of me feel like the past few months have been an eternity. When there isn't a schedule things somehow are that much more hectic. Soon that will be coming to an end.

On Monday, the 23rd, Landon will begin pre-k at Flour Bluff-Early Childhood Center. On the 26th Dan will class up to begin advanced flight training. Not that Dan will have a set schedule but he'll at least be doing more than he has been lately.

Today was Landon's open house.
Minutes before we were going to leave he announced he wanted to make his teacher a card.
He really wanted to make it pretty with glitter,
but we didn't have time for the glue to dry.
We grabbed some paper and crayons and he set to work.
Landon decided to make a drawing of himself and write his name on it,
"that way my teacher will know who I am."
Ms. Miller loved it and taped it up on a cabinet right away,
Landon beamed :)
When we got home the boys put on their bathing suits and helped Daddy was his truck.
They scrubbed and rinsed and dried until it was all sparkly!
Then we went inside for lunch and rests.
After taking a rest Logan was asking to go play in the sprinkler,
so we did!
Landon was kicking a little soccer ball through the sprinkler.
Logan made his "big jet" fly through the sprinkler.
Landon being a goofball with a stained popsicle mouth.
I wish I would have noticed that little piece of grass on his cheek before snapping this!
The sprinkler play got a little boring so we got out the slide.
Landon crashing down.
All Logan wanted to do was jump down to the bottom,
which he kept saying were "cannon balls"
Landon jumping down.
Flying through the air.

Logan's jumping sequence.
The boys hiding with water guns,
waiting to attack Daddy.
Landon on the attack
Tough guy!
Logan trying to shake water out of his ear before we headed in.

*PHEW* Now today was a busy day! Dan has to work all night (and can't sleep, yikes!) tonight. Tomorrow we plan to lay low around the house for most of the day then we're hoping to catch a Corpus Christi Hooks game tomorrow night to end our last night that we can be care free for the summer!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outside fun

Despite it being 7,264 degrees outside (and that's hardly an exaggeration), we spend a lot of time outside. 4-wheelers, bikes, PlasmaCars, roller skates, playground fun, pool fun, water slide, on and on.

Rylan and Landon
They love to race the PlasmaCars down the little slope of the driveway
Logan has been so into his car lately.
He's really getting a bit big for it!
Stair steps.
Landon, Rylan, Logan, and Kaden
The older boys discovered if they plugged the water jet it would spray.
Which of course meant the younger ones had to investigate it also
My big fish!
Logan and Submarine Rocket going down the slide
Landon diving down the slide
Rylan and Kaden came over to play too
Landon and Rylan going backwards, together.
Here is where some of the craziness started
Some days we've played so long and so hard the result is this!
Logan passed out on the couch.