Monday, August 22, 2011

Logan's 1st day of preschool!

Logan began 3K today! 

I have to admit, I was a bit worried about it. He's been saying for weeks that he is scared of school, he doesn't want to go, etc. I was really bracing for a rough goodbye.

Right after dropping Landon off at school we headed over to Logan's school. We got there about 30min before school started. I knew it would be hectic since this first week we walk them in (starting next week there is a drop off/pick up line)...I didn't feel like hiking across campus with Keighan in tow like we had to for meet the teacher last week. We hung out in the car, he was still insisting he was scared of school, but oh so happy to be holding his Lightning McQueen lunchbox. He came and sat up in the front seat with me, thankfully Keighan was sleeping so not screaming his head off being in the car seat. We talked and played around in the car for about 15 min then we headed inside.

We were the first ones into his classroom. Miss Carrie remembered him from last Friday and started talking to him. He was telling her how he was scared of school. I had told him I would stay for a while. We then did a potty trip and when we came back to the class there were a few other students in there. Logan said, "look there are more kids!" and he began to happily play. I planned on hanging out in there for a little bit and making sure he didn't totally freak when I left, I was certain it would happen if I left right away. Soon some of the other parents began to trickle out. Logan came up to me and basically pushed me out the door telling me it was time to go! So off Keighan and I went.

 Logan getting ready to head to school.
His Lightning McQueen lunch box {had} to be included.

 My trio!
 His eyes are still a bit irritated.
Last week he was put on drops for pink eye,
at least he's no longer contagious so was good to go for his first day of school.

His stubborn side did come out a little at school.
I asked to take a pic of him and his teacher and he refused,
so this is the best I got!
Tried again at pickup time and again no dice.

When I picked Logan up I was told he had a good day. He was very excited about playing on the playground. They did the kissing hand project just like Landon did on his first day of school last week! I'll have to post pics of those another time. He said he just played with the boys and there was a girl who got in trouble but he was only friends with the boys (including him there are 6 boys and 4 girls in his class). After we got home we weren't talking about school and he just came out with, "School was really great today." Yay! I hope the great attitudes towards school continue for both of my boys this year!

It's hard for me to believe that Logan is the age that Landon was when we lived in Milton and he went to 3K at First Steps Christian Preschool. There we met some great friends with whom I am still in contact with even though we moved away. It's neat to think that Keighan will be able to go to 3K at FUMC just like Logan is since we will still be here!

Landon's 2nd week of school has started off great. He got his first homework of the year--they get some every Monday and it is due on Friday. He was excited to get started on it.

Now my schedule will get hectic until we settle into a routine. I've been up lately before the boys making lunches and snacks so am a bit worn out! Logan will be going to school M-W-F, it's going to be a little weird but nice at the same time just having Keegs to myself on those mornings! Better go get some shut eye while I have the chance...

Friday, August 19, 2011

Landon's 1st week of Kindergarten

Um, well....remember how my last post was titled "Part 1"

I had every intention of coming back to post about how the day went.

However, my life is now crazy busy. I'm fearful for my own sanity what will happen next week when Logan starts 3K and is going to school 3 mornings a week.

So instead, we'll just do a week wrap up.

It was fantastic! Every day he came bounding to the car as happy as could be. He got all smiley faces in the notebook he brings home every night. He even was awarded enough tickets to go to the prize box twice! The first trip he chose silly bands, the 2nd he picked computer time. He has really adapted very well. I think getting out of the house and being on the go constantly in school has done a world of good for his behavior at home also.

 This was a sticky note in his folder today :)

When he gets home he always wants to love on his littlest brother. 

I am so proud of my big kindergartner! He is doing great so far with everything and has such an enthusiasm for learning, I only hope that continues! 

Keighan is 3 months old!

Seriously....3 months old, already?! It's gone WAY too fast for this Mama's liking!

My "little peanut" is not so little anymore. He has grown so much and is doing so many new things already. He is still an absolute joy to be around {errm...minus any time we spend in the car that is!}

My best guess for weight is about 13.8lbs and length is 25 1/4". We won't have another trip to the pediatrician for him until the end of September for his 4 month well baby (unless something happens and he gets sick, fingers crossed that isn't the case!)

Keighan is such a great baby. He is consistently sleeping through the night. Usually only fussy when he's hungry or in the car.

I quickly did a few shots for his 3 month pics yesterday (a day late...). They didn't turn out great but they'll have to do. Logan was getting mad at me for taking pics. He's so anti-camera lately!

Here is our growing lil' guy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

1st Day of Kindergarten {Part 1}

Sometimes in life there are moments you remember that aren't significant, but they stick out in your mind. One distinct moment I remember is sitting upstairs at my parent's house using the computer. Dan was away at boot camp and I was chatting with my friend, Emily. We were both pregnant with our first, both having boys, and both due on the same day. I figured out that the boys would be in Kindergarten in the 2011-12 school year. It seemed SO far away and almost unimaginable to think of this little being inside me would be going to school when we hadn't even met face to face yet. Now here we are. August 15th, 2011...the first day of school for Mobile County Public Schools. Landon is enrolled in Kindergarten at Nora Mae Hutchens Elementary School.

The morning started off early. For once Dan and I had to set an alarm clock. It went off too soon, alarm clocks tend to do that. I had gotten Landon's uniform set and ready to go last night and packed part of his snack and lunch. This morning I got Logan and Keighan's clothes and finished packing Landon's lunch box. Star Wars the Clone Wars lunch box and thermos, of course. He snuck into the playroom to get some last time in. We talked about things, he said he was feeling a little nervous but excited. We took a few pictures out front, then off to school we went!

 Landon playing
Whitney and Logan were hiding behind the Bat Cave
 Of course Logan wanted to participate too,
holding his blue balloon from a birthday party yesterday.
(and if you can't tell...the sign he's holding says "1st Day of Kindergarten August 15th, 2011")
Is it really time? 
He seems way too grown up for me.

Mrs. Jones' class!

 He was happily coloring away as soon as we got into the classroom.

 Mrs. Jones showing Landon where to hang 
up his backpack and lunch box
 Landon and Mrs. Jones
Here's to a great school year!

Soon it was time for us to say our goodbyes to Landon to begin his first day. Well, this did not make Logan happy. We had to carry him out and force him into his car seat. He was crying and very upset that Landon was going to be staying there all by himself (as in none of his family was there with him). I'm proud of myself, I was able to keep it together. I got a little lump in my throat as we pulled into school and walked in, but it quickly passed. I think it helps that Landon was so excited about it and just ready to be there. He was so into his coloring that it was tough to pull him away to get a hug. 

I can't wait to hear how his first day goes! Hopefully he'll be a chatter box and tell me all about it. Dan will be working all night and has asked Landon to call him to tell him about it. 

I am now the mom of a kindergartner (and a 3yr old and 2mo old!). WOW!