Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Super Heroes

Today I was at a Target that is not my usual store. You know...the one where they don't recognize me in there because it is rare I'm there instead of the one here I feel like I'm in there constantly for something!

Landon has been asking for these Buzz Lightyear gloves since before Christmas. He was actually a little peeved that Santa did not bring them. In this Target they were way on clearance! At 75% off I couldn't pass them up. When I got home from running errands, Dan and the boys were at the playground. They were so excited to see the prize Mommy brought home for them. They wanted them on right away along with their Buzz wings.
Shortly after they asked Daddy to fly them around.
He got his workout in for the day, especially lifting Landon up!
It brought back memories of when Landon was itty bitty and Dan
would fly him around the house to calm him down. I can still
picture him having one arm straight out in front like a little
Super Baby when he was about 3-4 weeks old.

Their time as a super hero today didn't end with Buzz though. We ate dinner a little earlier than usual so had some time to spare before taking a bath and doing the bed time routine. With a PCS (Permanent Change of Station--so not permanent either, but that is a post for another day) looming about 4 weeks away we decided it was time to start the pre-PCS purge. Dan actually began this while the boys and I were gone over Spring Break. Tonight at dinner we talked with Landon about it and he agreed to put some of the things from the toy room into a box to get rid of. He weeded out the massive collection of Ninja Turtles, stuffed animals, etc. The closet can now be opened without things falling out! In the midst of our cleaning out, the boys rediscovered the capes that Uncle Marshall and Aunt Natalie gave them for Christmas.
Landon wanted his to be on the Incredibles side
(other side is Batman)
Logan had his on the Batman side (other side is Superman) and also insisted on wearing his Spiderman mask from his Halloween costume with it.

Now my little Super Heroes are tucked snug in their beds, thankfully!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Landon and Logan get the National Geographic Kids magazine. We got one last week and the first chance they had to look at it was this morning. There was an experiment in there to clean pennies by putting them in a jar with vinegar and salt in a jar and shaking it. Landon LOVES collecting money. He would empty his bank and count it 5 times a day if we let him. He saw this activity and insisted on doing it. So we made him do a few things for us first (like clean the toy room) before we did it.
Landon did the shaking while Logan looked on.
Logan sees the camera come out and an automatic "cheeeeese" happens.
The end result--shiny pennies!

Since we've finally gotten rain (first time in weeks!), Landon's rain gauge saw drops in it for the first time. He made it at the Home Depot tent at the Month of the Military Child event we went to last weekend. He was so excited that it was raining so it would get filled up.
A good 2" by our measurement!

The outside wasn't the only one getting wet today. Landon decided it would be a gran idea to toss Whitney into the toilet! Eek. Thankfully it had been flushed first! Never a dull moment around these parts!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disney on Ice

Remember how yesterday I was excited to have NOTHING on the calendar today? A day to lounge around the house and relax. Perhaps begin a pre-PCS purge since we only have about a month left here (::EEK::).

I don't remember who called me first, but both Lora Beth and Kathi did to tell me they just bought tickets for Disney on Ice. I had forgotten it was this weekend! We had talked about going, but with Dan's schedule there just isn't any way to predict when he will be around. So we decided to buy tickets and go tonight!

We got to the Pensacola Civic Center with plenty of time to spare. Landon's best bud Levi was sitting 2 rows in front of us. They had a good time yelling back and forth to each other until the people sitting in the row between us came and shortly after the show began. We also ran into Noah from Landon's t-ball team and Drake from his class.

Now I took a ton of pictures....380 to be exact. I'm not thrilled with any of them :( We were far away, lighting stunk, my battery got low, and the majority of the time I had a fidgety 2 year old in my lap. So here are some of the better ones that will just have to do even though it pains me.
The ice before the show began
Landon called this Optimus Prime
(and yes, this was a part of the show--not just pre-game type stuff)
Landon very intently watching the show. He loved it!
Logan watching. He enjoyed most of it.
The "Zamboni" broke down and they fixed it here.
Out came the Genie!
I thought this was one of the best acts skating wise.
Finding Nemo
Minnie and Mickey!
Beauty and the Beast
(it started off with him as the beast then transforming)
A lot princess types and their men.
That stuff is foreign to us in a house of boys!
The Toy Story army men
Or as Logan says--Buddy!
Buzz Lightyear.
His face freaked me out.
Woody, Jessie, and Buzz
Mickey, Donald, and Minnie.
It's a small world act.
Brought back terrifying memories of my senior year in high school at Grad Night when the Small World ride broke down and I had to hear the music over and over again until we were escorted out a back way. Ahhh!
Mickey coming in for a landing.
M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e song
The wooden boy--Pinocchio
From the Pinocchio skit--unicycle dude had some skills doing that on ice!
The Incredibles!
Elastigirl's powers at work.
The Incredible family with Edna Mode
Lion King was the next act to come on
The finale with all of the characters
All 3 of my guys watching
andddd it wouldn't be complete without a meltdown.
Amazingly he stayed awake until we got home even though it was over an hour past bedtime. Poor guy was tuckered out!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Landon's prayers

Wednesdays are a day I usually look forward to. Although Landon has school in the morning, he doesn't have t-ball. Coach Barbara says it is bad to practice on Wednesdays because we should be in church. It is typically the only weekday off from t-ball. Tomorrow we actually have off as well because of a Saturday game (practice Friday). It is an odd {and nice!} feeling to look at my calendar and see a whole day without a single thing written on it!

Today was picture day at Landon's school. One of his teachers had suggested I bring in Logan and have their pictures done together. So I did! They took shots of both of them individually and also together. For the ones of them together the photog had Landon lie on his stomach and Logan sat on his back. From what I could tell they should turn out great! They are both wearing the same outfit. I brought my camera to take pics of everyone playing after school but after a minute a water spigot got turned on by someone playing and we were on the way home, the boys drenched. I did get one shot of Landon though:
Landon with his best buddy Levi.

I always cherish the little conversations I have with Landon. Some of the things he says simply amaze me while others leave me with an ache in my side from laughing.

Today on the way home from school the boys were unusually quiet. The radio was on. We came to a stop light and I turned around to look at Landon (I can see Logan in my mirror). He was slouched over to the side just staring out his window. We started going again and then he started talking.
L: Mommy, when I have a baby sister I'm going to have to be a big helper.
M: IF you have a baby sister or a baby brother you'll have to be my big helper. But you know you might not have one.
L: Yeah because she's going to be crawling all around and trying to break stuff so I'm going to have to help so she doesn't wreck the whole house!
M: Well buddy you know you might not get a baby at all and if you do it might be another brother.
L: But Mommy, we need a sister. We already have 2 boys. *mumbles*
M: What were you saying?
L: I was just praying to God.
M: Oh, can you tell me what you were praying about?
L: For a baby sister.
Then I heard him again, the italicized part is where Logan chimed in
L: Dear God. Please give us a baby sister. God, please give sister. We have 2 boys so really need a sister now. Amen. The end.
M: Well that was nice boys.
L: Thank you Mommy. I am going to have to pray every night before bed for a baby sister.
M: OK, but just remember God doesn't always answer your prayers in the way you want Him too.
L: OK Mommy, but I will still pray. Can God hear us even if we are in your car?
M: Yes, He can.
L: Can He hear us if we are in a building?
M: Yes, He can hear us wherever we are.
L: But how can He do that?
M: I don't know exactly Landon, it is just something special that God can do.
L: So then He can also put baby girls in your insides. Oh look at that truck with all those tires!

And off he went about the truck carrying a load of tires.

We got home, changed out of the wet clothes, went potty, brushed teeth, read a book, etc--our usual nap time routine. They got in bed and I turned on the sound machine.
L: Oh, I forgot! Mommy turn that off.
M: What did you forget?
L: I have to pray!
He got down from bed and knelt by it.
L: Dear God, I really want a baby sister. LOGAN! You have to pray too! {Logan gets up and goes right next to Landon in the same position} Ok. Dear God, I really want a baby sister. Please give us one. God, give sister please. We have too many boys so we need a sister. Amen. Many boys, the end.
M: That was great boys. But remember even if God answers your prayer the way you want Him to it doesn't mean it will happen right away, it takes time.
L: I know Mommy. But God will give me a baby sister if I just keep praying before I go to bed.

Gosh, the pressure isn't on or anything...if we even have another baby!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010

Well, Landon's Mohawk is gone. On Sunday he decided it would be a brilliant idea to squeeze out 2 tubes of toothpaste out all over the bathroom and himself while he was supposed to be going potty. I had kept telling him if he didn't behave it would be gone. So now it is gone!

Monday was relatively uneventful. L1 had school and t-ball practice.

Today Landon was decked out in "pirate clothes." I had picked out the overalls. Upon seeing the pirate shirt he was insistent on wearing his pirate hat and socks too. Yes they are from the same line but don't really go together. Oh well, he rocked it anyways--of course wearing his "rainbow shoes."
These are Logan's "rainbow shoes." He picked them out and has begged (more like screamed and yelled refusing to wear anything else) to wear them every day since he got them.

Landon had a t-ball game tonight. His first at bat he was called out at 1st base, which they later said was the wrong call. He over ran first, like you are allowed to at 1st base, and the other team tagged the base and called him out. Their coach was arguing that he made an advance towards 2nd. Which wasn't the case. Yes he was looking in that direction but wasn't even close to running or even taking a step towards 2nd. Later the head ref of the league came over (after it happened to a 2nd one of our runners) and told them it was the wrong call, they were safe. 2nd at bat he got a hit and scored. After the game he was so excited that he got a point for his team! The Ponies won 16-9!
Logan pre-game. He wants to play SO bad!
So he decided to get in some practice base running for in 2 years time when he'll get to play.
Landon fielding the ball.
Daddy and Logan cheering Landon and the Ponies on!
Landon getting instructions from Coach Barbara before batting.
Landon running the bases!

The past week or so spring has been hitting Milton full force. Flowers that Landon and G planted when I was in the hospital back in September are reappearing. We also have about 14 pots of different things growing in the backyard. The boys have loved planting things and watching them grow. Right now in our pots we have sunflowers (about 5 or 6 pots worth!), watermelon, tomatoes, baby's breath, a wildflower mix, gladiola, and 2 other bulbs. I'm not sure what all Landon and G planted but here is one of my favorites!
Happy spring!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy day!

Wow, today has been a busy one!

We started out by buying Dan a new truck! While we waited for them to deliver it (story about to follow), we spent the morning outside riding bikes and 4-wheelers, playing hopscotch, and just running around.

We've talked about getting a new vehicle for about a year. Then decided to put it off until his promotion in November. Sometimes there are deals that are too good to pass up though. We bought a 2009 Mitsubishi Raider crew cab. The Raiders are basically a Dodge Dakota (even the sticker on his door says it was made by Chrysler). They stopped making Raiders in 2009 but the Daytona Beach dealership had a bunch hanging around. So for over 2 months now I've stalked their website. Waiting for more price drops. Waiting for inventory to get low. With 4 left we decided to jump on it. I was going to drive down to trade in the little red wagon (because Daytona is more than 350 miles from here Dan would have to take leave, which we pretty much knew wouldn't get approved so didn't even try). We had been dealing with the dealership on the phone and through e-mails for a few days. Wanted all the duck in a row before I made the trip down. After we got our bottom line out the door price our salesman said he could probably have it delivered instead of me coming down and FedEx'ing paperwork back and forth (they wouldn't take a PoA for some reason). I asked how much additional that would be. He went and talked to someone who said they would do it for no additional charge! Without further rambling...
Dan cleaning out the Subaru. He got it in 2001 so a lot of memories have been made with it!

The Black Beauty (or whatever Dan may name it, I just pulled this out of nowhere)

Dan behind the wheel for the first time!

After we dotted the i's and crossed the t's we took it for a spin. First stop: car wash. Was it dirty? Nope. So not entirely sure the reasoning behind that decision but it made Dan happy so be it!

We then headed to Corry Station for a Kids Fest. It was put on by NAS P'Cola MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) in celebration of the month of the military child {apparently there is now a month/week/day for everything}. We briefly saw some old friends but they were on their way out as we were getting there. We hit up the Home Depot tent first. Landon made a birdhouse looking rain gauge. Logan {rather...Mommy} made a race track for these 2 little cars. Now we've spent the afternoon with the boys fighting over who gets which car. Oh the joys! The boys also did some things like squirting water guns at duckys to get them to move across a little pool, beanbag toss, plinko, bounce house, etc. Spent $5 on 25 tickets and called it good. Here are some pics from the kids fest:

After the Kids Fest we swung by Kim and Adam's house. Their neighborhood was having a yard sale. Since they live forever away (well, it can feel like that!) and we were so close we stopped to say, "hi" for a few minutes and see if they were having any luck. The boys spent a decent bit of the time under their bed trying to get the dog out.

We are now back home and relaxing. Dinner is in the oven, Dan is about to head out for a flight. He's been working a lot at night lately which is annoying but nothing can be done! Hopefully once this block ends (tonight he finishes it up) he'll be around more in the evenings to be able to come to Landon's t-ball and actually eat dinner with us!