Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A little update :)

On Monday my parents left town. With them went Landon and Logan to "Camp G." So it's just been the 3 of us. Takes us back to 5 years ago when we had just moved to Mobile the first time around, Landon was a newborn, and Dan was just beginning his USCG journey. So much has happened in those 5 years!

Landon was hanging out with Keighan on Sunday

Keegs napping in Mommy's arms
Yesterday afternoon I began to get cabin fever.
We needed a few things from the store so we headed out.
Of course by the time we actually got ready,
lil man fed, etc it was already past 5.
So we also did something we haven't done in a while,
went out to eat!
It was like it was just the two of us again,
except people kept stopping at the table to check out K.
He amazingly slept through the entire dinner, yahoo!
This was the result of me taking him out of his car seat when we got home.
He actually loves his car seat after the first minute of being in it,
he scrunches up and gets comfy and will sack out
{hope I didn't just jinx us there...}
Today we made a quick trip to the base.
We needed to get Keighan enrolled in DEERS and set up with Tricare,
and Dan needed to pick up some stuff from his office.
Every time I dress him I am amazed at how the clothes just swallow him up!
I had to roll these shorts over just so they'd stay up on him!
Decided to try some tummy time
for the first time today.
I was preparing for him to get upset.
Instead he just hung out there for a while.
He'd look around and just seemed so content and happy!

I weighed myself and Keighan today, according to our scale he is right around birth weight again. Yay! We will go to the ped at 2 weeks for an official weight gain check. I'm doing my best to sleep as much as possible. He likes to have marathon feeding sessions in the middle of the night which have been rough. At least right now the house is quiet without the big boys running around so naps are pretty easy to get in.

We can't wait until L1 and L2 come back home. It's taken some adjustment for us to get used to not having them around! Never before have we been home without them. Before when they've stayed with G & Grumpa it was like last summer when we were moving so things were out of whack anyways. Dan is planning on painting their room while they are gone, then we will finally have another room checked off our list as being done. I have the artwork we got from the Strawberry Festival framed and ready to be hung now but have been waiting to get it painted. Just hard to do their room while they are here because of naps, etc. I know they are having a great time though. G has been sending us video updates of them swimming, their new fish, and keeping us in the loop. Just hope they aren't being spoiled too much {although I'm pretty sure it's inevitable that they are!}

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Keighan Alexander Knauss has arrived!

Baby Boy #3 has arrived!!!!

Keighan Alexander Knauss
May 17th, 2011
7 pounds 5 ounces
21 inches long

There are moments that I felt as if May 17th would never arrive. Then there were many moments where I felt we were in a constant state of fast forward and time was going way too fast. Before we knew it, it was time to head to the hospital to have baby K!

With the c-section scheduled for 12:30, we weren't required to be there until 10-10:30 that morning. It was nice to not have to get up before dawn and head in. Of course, with my boys, we were up about 5:30am anyways just like every other morning. It was great to have them come down and climb into bed with us. We had a while of cuddle time as just the 4 of us one last time.

Landon and Logan knew that the big day was here. They were both so excited and kept asking if it was time to go yet. My parents came over around 9 and a little after that we said our goodbyes before heading to the hospital.

Our family as 4, one last time!
Landon and Logan playing before leaving for the hospital
Trying to give the soon to be big bro a kiss!
My now required thumbs up pic before surgery
My last ever baby bump pic!
We were so ready and excited!
G with her baby ;)
The boys were really concerned about my IV
Thumbs up with Landon!
Killing time before surgery.
My friend, Tracy, came up on a moment's notice-
she helped my Dad watch the boys so G could be in the OR too!
Here I am...ready to go!
I was freezing so the anesthesiologist took
some of the warm baby blankets and wrapped them all around me ha!
Dr. Wood and crew starting the surgery
Here he is!!!
Keighan came out screaming.
He screamed for a good 10 minutes straight at least.
He also peed as soon as he was out,
so at least we knew the plumbing was working right!
There was a true knot in his cord,
ends up I'm glad we went ahead with the c/s instead of the VBA2C!!!
Mommy getting to see the babe for the first time

Mommy, Keighan, and Daddy!
Proud Daddy and Keighan!
Landon looking through the nursery glass
at his newest little brother
G and Logan checking out the newest addition!
Everyone looking at Keighan as
he got warmed up and checked out
The glare makes it hard to read
7 pounds 5.3 ounces
Our smallest by a bit weight wise!
Grumpa, Daddy, and Keighan


The first night went well. Keighan is an incredibly great sleeper for a newborn! The next morning the big brothers were anxious to get up to the hospital to check on everyone.

They couldn't wait to hold him!
I was SO happy they wanted to.
I was always disappointed that Landon showed no interest
in holding Logan when he was a newborn.
I'm sure part of it was the age though (barely 2 yrs old).
I had been looking forward to this picture
from the time we found out we were expecting!
Logan loves checking out all of Keighan's parts.
"Look at his itty bitty feet"
is what he was talking about in this shot.
Logan giving Keegs kisses
Landon checking out his baby brother up close
Love this guy so much!
This is a preemie outfit,
it swamps him!
Well...almost everywhere.
He has giant feet and his feet are too big for this outfit ha!
The boys with some of the flowers they picked out for me
G and her 3 grandbabies!
The boys had talked a nurse into getting them some chocolate milk


On Thursday my folks headed out of town for the day to see some friends. So Dan went home to watch the big guys. I got to spend a whole day with just my little one. He's so precious!

He isn't awake much, but when he is
he loves to look at his mama!


The 20th was Keighan's due date...and the day for us to go home!

Mama and her newest baby
Daddy and his baby boy
(this reminds me of a pic we have
the day we went home with Landon...almost identical!)

Strong like bull.
Keegs is being a true Schaap-Knauss baby and
showing off his strength
Checking things out waiting for discharge
My Big Foot!

The nurses were finishing something up with the boys arrived,
so we had them wait outside.
They were so anxious to bring their brother home!
Ready to go!
He looks so tiny in his seat!

I have a car full now!
L1 and L2 were so happy to have K in there with them!
As soon as we got home Logan was asking to hold Keighan.
He LOVES to hold his baby brother and wants to all the time!
Landon also took a turn holding him.
His favorite thing is having Keighan grab ahold of one of his fingers
Pratt and Whitney are NOT fans of the newest human in the house!
Family of 5 at home!
Logan and Landon wanted to get in some snuggle
time with Keighan after their bath and before
heading to bed the first night home.


Present day...finally caught up here :)

It was a pretty lazy day around the house. G and Grumpa spent most of the day here. The big boys played outside a bit with some friends. Keighan and I camped out inside most of the day. I finally got my pic program working again and sorted through over 500 pics we have so far. I would have blogged sooner but was unable to upload any photos onto the computer until today when I had a moment to call and get it fixed. So here are a few pics from today, love this lil one so so much!

Keighan really is a wonderful baby so far. He sleeps great, nurses great, and puts up with his brothers constantly touching him! He's a little guy (weight wise) compared to what his big brothers were. He only cries if he's hungy or when he gets cold. He doesn't like being cold one bit, which has made diaper changes rough! A lot of times when he wakes up he will just look around for a while without even making a sound. I am recovering great from the c-section, it's been about the same as the first two so nothing new there! We're all so happy to have him here and looking forward to all that the future has in store for us as a family of five!