Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playing catch up

Time certainly has passed quickly lately! Almost every day we have at least one item on the schedule. Then in a spare moment we've been trying to get ready for our move to Corpus Christi, TX! So this post we'll play a quick catch up round.

Thursday AM I was attempting to do laundry.
Then my basket was stolen!
The boys decided a laundry basket would make a great toy.
Landon sat in it and Logan promptly began to spin him around.
(p.s...I have no idea why this is underlined and have tried about 50 things to get it to not be, yet it still is...rawr)
Then it was time for Logan to get a ride in the basket.
Thursday night Landon had a t-ball game.
This was a game he has been looking forward to since the beginning of the season.
His buddy, Drake, is on the Kits.
We were supposed to play twice before...
both got rained out!
This is Landon on 2nd base waving to Drake playing 1st base.
Logan doing his post-game ritual of running the bases.
He wants to play SO bad!
2 more years Bruiser!
Landon, Levi, Drake, and Hayes
(Levi and Drake are in Landon's class...Hayes is Drake's older brother who also goes to their school)
Friday was a beautiful day.
Landon had school.
So we decided to leave a bit early to go pick him up.
Made a stop at Benny Russell Park.
Logan is obsessed with jumping off the ends of slides.
Dan was home on Friday so got to come with us.
I think he liked the digger more than Logan!
One of Logan's all time favorites...swinging!
After picking up Landon from school we got the mail.
The boys were SO excited to learn they got a package from G!
G sent the boys some dinosaur Silly Bandz.
They have had a blast with them.
Their favorite thing is to tie 2 of them together
(the first time this happened accidentally)
then put them on each wrist acting like they are tied together.
Landon showing off his collection.
Last night Dan was flying, which meant the boys and I were on our own for dinner.
I made it simple...chicken quesadillas.
I was going to make corn nibblets to go with it, but they protested.
Instead, the boys requested to have some bananas.
Fine, I just wanted to get them to eat and not scream.
Then Logan requested ketchup for his banana.
Yes, ketchup.
He then proceeded to actually eat a banana with ketchup on it!
After a few bites he forgot about the banana...
his fingers then became skates in the ketchup--which he ate.

A while back we planted a lot of different seeds.
We had gone to the store (actually were looking for a new patio set), and the boys each picked out what they wanted to grow.
Logan's watermelons are beginning to pop up now!
Not that we'll be here long enough to see them get much bigger,
but it is still fun for the boys to watch.

Landon trying to help pull up the fence.

This next week is going to prove to be yet another hectic one. Dan should finish up primary tomorrow! {YAY} Sometime in the beginning of the week he will get orders. With those we will be able to schedule movers and talk to the housing office in Corpus about getting on a wait list (if there is one). We are hoping to have the packers here on May 31st and then the movers load everything up on June 1st. Or they might take 2 days to pay and 1 to load, we'll just have to see how many people they send out. So many plans right now are just tentative. We can't make anything definite until we get the movers set up. Our 5th wedding anniversary is next month. Our last vacation (meaning a true kids involved, going somewhere new, etc) was back in 2004! We are over due. So, we're going to try to make it on a cruise from June 6th-13th. Then the next weekend Dan and I will make the drive to Texas. Later that week G will fly out with the boys (oh gosh, that could be interesting!) and Landon will begin soccer came on the 28th. It is going to be a crazy month of June with a lot of fun things and changes happening, but we're looking forward to it!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Future players in World Cup 2026/2030 ;)

Anyone who knows Dan knows (or rather, should know) that he is a soccer fan. We have to have a special package added to our TV programming so he can get certain soccer channels. He has played and reffed for years. Not so much in recent unpredictable schedule for work makes it difficult. Last time he played was summer 2006 when we were in Mobile. Which was also Landon's first summer and his first World Cup! Which means World Cup 2010 is around the corner. Dan has an app on his iPhone that will tell you just how much time is left until the games begin (as of this moment, 30 days 5 hours 56 minutes and 37 seconds). I have been hearing the count down for what seems like forever now.

A few weeks ago he told me the USA home jersey had been unveiled and he really wants it, would like it for his birthday. A few days later a Eurosport catalog arrived. He showed me the jersey (again) and said (again) how much he likes it. Then conveniently left it on my side of the bed. Hmm..think he is trying to leave a "subtle" hint or something?

Well being the mom I am obsessed over my children's clothing {hey, at least I can admit it!} I noticed right away the USA kid's kit. The kid's kit is the jersey, shorts, and socks sold together.

Landon actually had a set, I believe it was the 2008 version of the USA uniform. We have the socks and the shorts...but the jersey apparently walked away somewhere. So I went to check them out on the website only to not be able to find them. Long story short, they had them in the catalog but weren't available yet (according to the cust service guy I talked to). I ended up finding them from another company, SoccerPro. So I ordered 2 of them.

The boys feet have been growing at an alarming rate, especially Logan's. This time last year he was in a 5 and now he is in a 9.5/10 ::eek:: Both of their tennis shoes are 5 months old, getting worn, and small. So I was hunting for new shoes when I realized something. They both now have a big enough foot to get shoes just like Daddy's!

So today was a good mail {err..UPS} day. Their kits and shoes came. Landon was SO excited over the jersey. I showed it to him on the way to his t-ball came (UPS came as we were walking out the door). He is registered for a soccer camp this summer and if you register 45+ days before the came starts you get a free jersey, which arrived last week. So he was stoked to be getting another jersey. Especially after Dan showed him some pics of guys wearing the exact same ones. After dinner I had them try things on quickly.

The boys modeling their new gear for me
Look out for them in 16 or 20 years playing in the World Cup themselves!
(hey, we can dream!)

My guys and their matching kicks :)

The little ones never miss the chance
to jump on Daddy!

In other news today, Landon had a t-ball game tonight. Despite losing (boo, only their 3rd one all season--other 2 were to the same team), Landon had a fantastic game! He hit great and ran the bases well. Didn't see any action in left field, maybe next time!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there!!! is May already! The time sure flies when your plate is constantly overflowing with activities and things to do. It snuck up quietly and quickly this year, but here we are--Mother's Day!

On Friday when I picked Landon up from school, he had an assortment of goodies for me.
A yellow rose.
Green flower with glitter and sequins--supposed to put a pic in the middle.
A bag he colored, inside was...
a ceramic tile he painted, the teachers put a pic of both boys on it
with Mod Podge, then Landon put glitter over it.
A drawing he made of me.
A card-up top is his hand print, below
is Landon, Logan, and Me. He made sure
to tell me he was up higher because he is taller than Logan.
Apparently everyone in the class was upset they
didn't make any Daddy figures to put on the cards too!
We will be hanging this up somewhere soon!
Landon has been asking me to do it, but won't tell me where he thinks it should go.
This pic was taken on picture day at school-
many times Logan goes into class for a few min in the morning
and a few min when we pick Landon up to sing/play with the other kids.
Guess Mrs. Jonette snapped it then!
I absolutely LOVE this drawing!!!
Even if I do have a few too many fingers and toes ;)
On the way home from school Friday we stopped at Target-
I had something in mind for this as soon as I saw it!
We picked up this frame to put it in.
It is quite neat, you can open it up and put in a new piece of artwork
without taking it down from the wall. Also has a storage folder in it.
We picked up a 2nd frame also so Logan can have one too.

This morning I slept in a little bit. When I woke up I was tackled in hugs, kisses, and being told "Happy Mother's Day!" They were finishing up eating some sausage for breakfast, so I asked if they were interested in any pancakes to go along with the sausage. Of course they were! So my big helpers helped me make them!
Pouring the Bisquick into the mixing bowl
Logan...never fails to miss an opportunity to be goofy!
Logan dumping in the milk.
I was going to do the eggs...until they insisted they do them.
So I cracked each egg into a separate little bowl.
Then the boys tossed them in the mix.
They took turns (without fighting!!) stirring everything together.
Landon also wanted more sausage
(this boy LOVES sausage!)
so he helped Daddy cook it up.
Time to eat! We took shirts off to avoid syrup spills.
Landon enjoyed his pancakes with sausage.
Logan took his with strawberries on top.

My little men mean the world to me!

All day Landon has been asking me, "Is this the best Mother's Day ever, Mommy?" I'd have to say it most certainly is! Last year I didn't get to spend it with my boys (Dan had just graduated OCS and we were doing the moving dance while the boys stayed with my folks). So far this year has been great. The weather is wonderful right now, the boys are snoozing...I'm sure when they wake up we will be in the backyard or at the park playing. We aren't even close to crazy enough to go out for dinner tonight. Instead we are going to do take out from Texas Roadhouse. I get out of cooking, we have something good to eat, and don't have to deal with the massive crowds that flock to restaurants on Mother's Day. I think Dan still has nightmares about the day from when he was a server!

Dan's academic achievement

A few weeks ago Dan came home from work. He had a test that day and gave me the news that he was going to be getting an academic achievement award. If you missed only a certain number of questions over specific tests, you get it. He knew the program existed, just had forgotten about it so he was surprised when they told him he would be receiving it! Not long later I got a letter in the mail about it. It actually made me laugh some. Here are some excerpts:

Your husband (rank, name , service filled in here) has been presented a Letter of Commendation in recognition of his outstanding achievement in Primary Academic Training while assigned to Training Air Wing FIVE, Naval Air Station, Whiting Field. His superior performance has placed him among the top 10 percent of all Student Aviators.
This noteworthy performance is a personal achievement of which you and Dan can both be justifiably proud. Your continued support and understanding is a key enabler for Dan's notable accomplishments. It is a pleasure having officers of your husband's caliber in the Naval Flight training program
It went on to say the pictures from the ceremony could be found HERE, but they are not up yet.

The ceremony was this past Friday. Landon was at school and we put Logan in daycare for an hour so I could go. The commander of TRAWING 5 was the one doing the presenting. It was pretty laid back. I was glad I wasn't the only wife there!

Dan receiving his award
He got this letter, a pic of T-34s in forms, and a challenge coin

A group shot
They weren't ready for me to take the pic, oh well!
There were also 2 guys from Dan's OCS class who
received the award! (Stuber & Monez)

It was a brief little ceremony but I am glad I was able to be there. The commander was nice, told the guys to sit down so he could meet the important people (the wives in the back of the room). Also shared how when he was in the fleet for each crew member's dependents they would add 100 pounds of fuel to the min before they would return to base (so in Dan's case, his family would add 300 lbs because there are 3 of us). The commander said he wanted us to remember they are always thinking about us when they're out and making sure they will return to us. He also shared that he never got any awards like this when going through so these guys are starting out on the right foot!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New bike!

For Landon's 3rd birthday, G & Grumpa gave him a Tonka bike. Already though he has gotten too big for it. So yesterday we decided to head into town. We got dinner at Moe's Southwest Grill (Cinco de Mayo...had to attempt to celebrate a little) then went across the street to Toys R Us. Landon was so excited about getting a new bike! He picked out the one with his favorite colors--green and orange. Daddy put it together last night and this morning the boys and I went outside to test it out. Logan had fun on Landon's old bike (and his 4-wheeler).

Going super fast!
Logan testing out his "new" bike
I'm glad we live on a street without anyone
so the boys can ride up and down it!
Landon riding
After a bit Logan switched out the bike
for his 4-wheeler.
"Look Mommy, I can do it without hands!"
EEK...maybe we should get some full
body protection if he's going to keep this up!

Crawfish Boil

This past Saturday we got together with a lot of friends and had a crawfish boil at Whiting Park! Here are few pics from the day
The boys playing in bubbles when we first got there
Landon swinging.
Oh how my boys love to swing!
My little monkey
The girls had Landon doing their dirty work.
They were making various "foods" while he ran to the river
and back with buckets of water for them.
The crawfish
Dan and Rob putting the crawfish in!
Logan playing with a shark water squirter.
He insisted it needed to be in the water.
We brought swim suits to swim, but there was a group of older
kids being a bit rowdy so we decided not to go in.
His strength amazes me.
Logan could hang there forever!
Dinner is served!
Logan's post-cupcake face
Landon climbing on a tree

We had a lot of fun and it was a great day!

Saturday, May 1, 2010


As usual, the last few days have been busy. Nonstop go go go go go it feels like! There isn't a day in our calendar without something {usually multiple} things written down. I'm beginning to think the move might be more of a vacation compared to how busy we have been!
A lizard Logan spotted.
We were coming home from somewhere and pulling up to the garage,
he got all excited and started shouting about a lizard.
He spotted this little guy and the boys loved checking him out for a while.
Logan and his burger.
The other day Logan was begging for a burger. boys always want chicken.
We were past due for lunch that day and running errands,
so I decided to treat them for lunch by going out.
Thing is...because Logan wanted a burger, he was INSISTENT
that it MUST only come from Burger King!
He ate about half before his eyes were drooping.
So while he was napping, I was cleaning up...and in the trash it went.
Wow...bad move on Mommy's part!
He was not a happy bear when he woke up to find that out, oops.
Wednesday while Landon was at school, Logan and I went to the playground.
It was a beautiful day, we couldn't pass it up.
He {loves} the swings.
We met up with our friends at the playground.
They were testing the pool and taking promo pics for it.
It was pure torture for Emalee and Logan to see it but not be able to go in!
Thursday night Landon had a t-ball game.
He is becoming quite the little slugger!
He hit a single and a double with 4 RBIs!
This is him jogging into 2nd on his double.
Friday morning Landon's school took a field trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.
Here is Landon with some of his best buds--Levi and Mikey--waiting
(impatiently might I add) to go in
Out front of the zoo there was this little fountain.
Landon wanted to make a wish, G gave him some coins to toss in.
Want to guess what he wished for?
A baby sister.
Oh yes, he is still on the kick and not giving in!
At the zoo a caterpillar decided to become friends with Landon.
It was as if this peacock was trained.
He kept standing and turning in circles for everyone.
Our family with the Baysden family.
Dan ended up not having to go in on Friday so he was able to join us at the zoo.
Paige goes to FSCP also, just on different days than Landon
(but the field trip was 1 day for everyone)
Friday night was the VT-3 50th Anniversary dinner dance.
Here we are all gussied up and ready to go!
Just us...almost exactly a year since the last time we did this!
However, last time was for OCS graduation.

Dan went to OCS with these guys.
They are now in VT-3 also.
Well, one of them just finished a few days ago--so he's an alum now.

The boys built a sandcastle with G while we were gone.
Logan is in his Ponies shirt because there was supposed to be a t-ball game.
It got rained out though :(

So our days are filled with activities and appointments. I run from here to there and back again being a taxi for the boys. We wouldn't have it any other way though. Knowing we don't have much time left here we are trying to fit in as much as we can!