Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Baby News and Nursery

Today we are 38 weeks and 5 days along. If this was our pregnancy with Landon we'd be peering through glass at him in the NICU right now-this was the day he was born gestational age wise! I had my last OB appointment today.

It's almost mind boggling to think that this pregnancy is almost over and soon we will have another newborn. It's only been 3 and a half years, but so much has happened since then it feels like so long ago!

Some of you may know we had been weighing the pros and cons of attempting a VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 cesareans) vs. a c-section. Well, it appears Keighan has made the decision himself. Following in his big brother's footsteps he is being stubborn and not in the right position so he will be a c-section baby as well. I'm glad the decision has pretty much been taken out of our hands, it makes me feel much more at ease with it all! We are scheduled to have him on Tuesday the 17th at 12:30. I'm glad we won't have to get up super early in the morning but I'm sure I'll be feeling quite ravenous and have a grumbling tummy by then!

I finished up my last project (for now...), for the nursery this afternoon. We'll add more pics, etc once he arrives-I can't stand bare walls and dressers!

The crib is the same one that we used for Landon. The glider we used with L1 and L2. The dresser we bought unfinished and I stained/sealed it. I also had the frame above the crib made in unfinished wood and finished that as well.

The view from the door

Will eventually put a different mat in this frame,
it's a pic my mom made and this used to be hanging in L1's room
so it matched that it just blends into the wall!
The swing will be going into the living room once he's here

Keighan's bathroom/changing area.
Our old changing table had bit the dust after several
years of use and abuse in moves,
so we just put the changing pad up on the counter and are calling it good!

K's closet.
Clothes, stroller, diapers, play mat, etc..

Now all we need is a baby. T-minus 5 days 19 hours 33 minutes.

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