Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Baby update

Today we are 36 weeks and 5 days along. Full term is considered 37 weeks, which is Friday. Due dates are set at 40 weeks-which for us is May 20th. Wow...time has sped along!

We had an appointment today and all is going well. Scheduled c-section is still on course for May 17th (time is TBD). If labor happens to begin before then depending on the circumstances will depend if they'll do a c/s or allow me to attempt a VBA2C. So you can bet about 38w or so I'll start trying all the crazy old wives' tales to try to get things moving! Probably won't work but hey, worth a shot! Or maybe the spices from crawfish boil we're going to this weekend will kick things into gear ( your bag packed yet? ha!).

The OB estimated that Keighan is right around 5 pounds now and said he'll be in the high 6's or low 7's at birth. I think I will go into shock if a child of mine comes out that small! Landon was 8lbs 9oz and Logan was 8lbs 10.5oz. It would be nice to have a newborn who is actually the size of a newborn, and such an odd feeling too. Well, who am I kidding...holding a newborn again is going to be such a weird feeling. It's only been 3.5 years, but still feels like an eternity. I hope it's like riding a bike and things will pick right back up and I'll know what to do! Although I must say I don't have much faith in their weight estimates-we were told Landon was just over 6lbs only 2 days before he was born based on an ultrasound.

Landon and Logan are getting increasingly excited about their baby brother. Today at the OB there were twin girls just a few weeks old. The boys were so into them and wanted to know all about them. Thankfully their mom was great and thought the boys were hilarious. Landon likes to tell everyone how we're about to have a third boy in just a few weeks and likes to sing to Keighan. Logan likes to give my belly hugs and kisses and tells me how big it is and that Keighan must be getting crunched in there. They both get a kick out of watching and feeling him move around, especially when he gets hiccups (which is a lot! I'm already prepping for another GERD baby). Logan kept asking before the appointment today if they were going to take him out of my tummy yet because he wants to see Keighan.

So we're in the final countdown now. Trying to finish prepping everything for K's arrival. My plan is to get a hospital bag packed and the car seat base in my car this weekend, just in case he decides to come early (I'm doubting that will happen, but ya never know!). The nursery is almost done, I have a few more things I want to do in there. Not sure why I feel the need to finish it before he arrives since he won't be sleeping in there the first few months!

Annnnnd since a blog posting here wouldn't be complete without some type of accompanying photo, here I am today with K weighing me down! (*gasp* I'm willingly posting a not so great pic of myself!)

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