Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Adjusting to 3 boys

I've had 3 days now of being on my own (well, during work hours) with the 3 boys.

L1=5yrs 5 mos, L2=3yrs 4mos, K=3 weeks {already, eek!}

Day 1-We ventured out to WalMart and WinnDixie. It had been several weeks since I had made a grocery store run and we were in need of several things, especially fresh fruits and veggies. We managed to survive, although I'm quite certain the outing took about 5 years off my life expectancy! It was tough, but just like going from one to two children there is a learning curve and an adjustment period.

Day 2-Tuesdays are playgroup day. I wasn't sure if we were going to go but decided it would do the big boys some good. Once I told them to get dressed because we were going they got SO excited. We went to the park, Keighan was not happy being in his car seat and cried the whole way. Landon did his best to calm him down (they sit next to each other in the car). The L's were happy to run around and got ridiculously sweaty and hot. K was happy to be out of his seat.

Day 3-Another day in which we ventured out. We headed to the pediatrician this morning to have Keighan checked out for GERD. Having been through it with both of the others I was confident in my mommy diagnosis. The Dr agreed with me. After the ped's office we hit up Target. Panera Bread is in the Target parking lot and for some reason Landon LOVES Panera. So even though it was only about 10:20 we went to Panera and waited until they started their lunch menu. Brought it home to eat. I survived another outing, and this one was a little easier--but I'm sure it helped that we only had a few things to grab instead of a long list.

By the time the hubs comes home from work I'm usually pretty exhausted. The 3 of them have kept me on my toes, and being out every day hasn't made things any easier either. But we're getting there. The bigs are learning I can't just drop everything and get them a drink/snack/etc if I'm feeding Keegs. They are continuing to be huge helpers and love to pick out which diaper he's going to wear. Keighan has gotten better with his days and nights and we're sorta getting into a predictable feeding routine. My self-imposed bedtime is earlier than it's been since oh, middle school maybe? At least it is when K allows me to go to bed! I think overall we are all adjusting as well as can be expected. It's not easy, but we're getting there and used to a new normal!

The boys are both still so into Keighan.
Landon always likes to lay on the floor with him.
Well, actually both of the L's do.
Then they'll fight over which way K is going to look
and who he is going to look at.
Logan is always asking to hold Keighan.
Of course he always wants to when K is bueno!
Landon loves to hold him also,
they usually end up arguing over who gets to hold him and when!
Keighan at 3 weeks
Captain Underpants Batman Cowboy

I think Landon would swing all day if we let him!

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