Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Almost a month


It's been almost a month since I last posted anything! I guess this "mom of 3" life has me pretty busy. Just the day to day type of things have kept me running lately...laundry (oh my, it NEVER ends!), dishes, general cleaning of the house, feeding the kids (which also feels like a never ending process), and of course the occasional outing to playgroup or Target or the grocery.

So I'll do my best to do a semi-quick update on the past few weeks...and try to make it easier on myself by not waiting so long to do the next post! Here's what we've been up to:

We've had water some fun in the backyard...

Keighan turned 1 month old...

We did a quick project for Father's Day (which Daddy took to work and I never got a finished pic of it, oops)

We made a purchase I never thought I would.
Light up shoes.
Not just any light up shoes...
but character light up shoes.
Captain Rex (Star Wars) light ups from Stride Rite.
They came with masks too, the boys were super excited.

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit.
They went to Bellingrath Gardens,
the fish were the highlight for the boys.
Also checked out Daddy's airplane
The upstairs air conditioner was struck by lightning and fried.
So the boys camped out downstairs for about a week until it was fixed.
They had a blast and weren't ready to go back to their room!
Logan slept in the little tent most nights, Landon in his sleeping bag

We played in the rain as it poured off the roof,
finally some afternoon rain storms have been coming through.
We're over 20" below average for the year already and needing the rain!

We've gotten more smiles from Keighan...
just haven't gotten that good at grabbing the camera in time to catch them!
We went to a birthday party at The Watermelon Patch
The boys had a blast
I certainly see visits there in our near future!

We had a pretty low key 4th of July.
We bought some fireworks and grilled out burgers.
The boys had fun with the sparklers and snap its,
then we ended the night with a sugar rush from cupcakes.

It's hard to believe we're already into the month of July almost a whole week! Keighan hit the 7 week mark yesterday, time has just flown since he was born! He's been doing great with sleeping at night (please, please, please don't let that have just jinxed things!). He's a trooper when it comes to his big brothers wanting to hold him or "pet" him. Not a fan of the car seat, I think right now he just gets too hot in it...he's certainly a sweaty guy! Life as a family of 5 now feels normal and we're in a pretty good routine. Soon the routine will change up as Landon starts Kindergarten next month!

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