Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Boys are Back in Town!

G and the big boys got back to town yesterday! We were so excited to have them back home, and they were excited to get here! It was also Dan's first day back to work. Keighan turned 2 weeks old and had his weight check. He is now 7lbs 7oz (birth weight was 7lbs 5oz, discharge was 6lbs 13oz). So he's back to birth weight + 2oz which is what they were looking for, yay!

Keighan and I started the day with a bath.
Had to get him smelling good to get snuggles from everyone later!
For the first time he didn't scream during his bath but actually enjoyed it!

Logan was so excited to see Keighan.
He is always asking to hold him or feed him.

My how they grow!
This reminds me of a pic we have of Landon and Logan
when Logan was just a few days old.
(I need to find that somewhere!)

So now my family of 5 is back together. Soon G will be leaving then our new normal (err...whatever normal may be/become!) will begin. My bed time is getting increasingly earlier trying to keep up on some sleep thanks to Keegs having his days/nights apparently mixed up. We're working on it though! He really is a great baby other than sleep issues. He's even gotten better about diaper/outfit changes and doesn't always scream during them. But when he does he has 2 big brothers that come running to check on him and see what is going on. I hope the novelty of a baby doesn't wear off too soon for them!

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