Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Back in the Eastern time zone!

It has been more than a year since I've been home. Home as in my parent's house...my home town. It'll always be home to me!

The 3 boys, my mom, and myself were piled into my car and loaded down. We were going to put some things (like L1's bike) into my Dad's car but forgot to before he left the house last night and were meeting up with him on the interstate. All the hours I put into Tetris appear to have paid off. 5 suitcases. 1 baby bath tub. 1 duffel bag. 2 tote bags. 1 roadside emergency kit. 1 Pack N' Play. 2 gift bags. 1 Boppy pillow. 1 bicycle. 1 baby mirror toy thingy. 1 bag of snacks/drinks. Probably some other things I'm not thinking of too.

The first bit went very well. We hit the road shortly after Keighan ate in hopes that he would be cooperative and sleep. It worked, woot! We made a potty stop quickly and he slept through that. Shortly later he was up. We pulled over at a rest area so while I fed Keegs the big guys could run around and get some energy out. K ate, pooped, puked all over my leg and himself, and then we were ready to get back on the road. We were a little west of Tallahassee at this point...probably right about 1/2 way.

The second half of the trip, well...let's just say that was trying. I think I may have escaped with a sliver of my sanity left, or maybe it's the insanity thinking I still have a little bit of sane left in me. Keighan hates his car seat with a passion. He was NOT a happy camper and cried the majority of the way. It was hard to listen to. We made 2 more stops and he was SO happy to get out and stretch out for a few minutes. I'm so thankful that my mom was in my car to help try to give him a bottle, paci, etc to soothe him. Sometimes it would work for a few minutes before he would start back up again.

Once home, in typical G's around fashion, Keighan was promptly wearing just a diaper. I had to take a pic and text my good friend Nina about it. She responded that soon he'll be playing in the mud! Back when we lived in Cape Cod it wasn't unusual for G to be visiting and we'd find her and Landon outside playing when I got home from work...him wearing just a diaper or a diaper and t-shirt stomping in a mud puddle made from the hose. Nina always used to give me a hard time about it because I tend to care a little too much about their clothing at times!

The boys, all 3 of them, were certainly wound up tight tonight. They got to sleep much later...it was after 10pm here! At least on their body clocks it was like it was after 9 though so not too far off from their normal bed time. They're both currently sacked out on top of a ton of pillows on the floor covered in Spiderman blankets.

This trip home felt a little different than others. From Mobile to Ocala we drive right through Pensacola/Milton. It's been 13 months since we moved away from there. Driving through on I-10 it felt like the clock had been turned back, almost felt like we were back "home" on that stretch of the road. I was half tempted to get off at our old exit. We're living so close right now (took about 90min to get there), but yet I haven't made it over to see our friends there yet. I really should try to do that before they start school in a few weeks!

I'm looking forward to our few days here, seeing lots of family and having Keighan meet everyone! It's going to be hectic and busy...I'll probably need a vacation once we get back to Mobile to recoup! I better hit the sack while the lil one is down and I have the opportunity to sleep.

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