Friday, July 22, 2011

Ocala Trip!

Last Tuesday the boys and I headed back to Slocala. Minus the hubs that is. It was a long ride there, but we made it eventually.

I probably should have blogged each day as it happened. know how that goes. So now I have SO much to catch up on from while we were there, I'm sure I'll miss plenty.

If you know my family, then you know at least usually one person has a camera in their hands at all times. Typically multiple people do. There were literally hundreds of photos taken which I have tried to weed through. I currently have 49 sitting in my folder to upload here. So I hope you are ready for pic overload :)

Here goes nothin'

The bigs and the little.
2 months and they are still so in love with their little brother!
Keighan has really started to develop a personality.
He is all smiles and giggles
{minus time in his car seat}
Aunt Jen and Uncle Dan stopped briefly on their drive up to Michigan one day.
Keegs lounging in G's lap by the pool
Mommy and the big boys swimming.
They wanted me to do motor boat with them at the same time,
so we made a double decker boat to make it a little easier on me!
Landon is all boy.
He loves every sort of critter out there.
While at G & Grumpa's he made a "frog friend"
Poor frog...he swam everywhere with Landon
But he stuck around for a few days subjecting himself to it!
G was even lucky enough to get the frog friend on her shoulder
{shudder...I am not a frog person}
Oh, and you betcha it wasn't just frogs that Landon befriended.
I had gone to a store one afternoon and came back to this.
Landon, Logan, and G out in the front yard while a
big ole slug
crawled all over Landon's hand.
{double shudder)
Keighan started this thing where he wanted to be held upright almost constantly,
as long as he was able to bend back and hang his head.
He was happy as could be like this!
One day Aunt Kay came over for a visit.
The boys had a lot of fun and roped her into playing a few BINGO games!

Granny also came over the same day that Aunt Kay did
and got to meet the Keegster.
Keighan spent a lot of time lounging by the pool
Granny brought the boys pillows.
Perfect fits for them without even knowing it!
A week later and they are still loving on them constantly.
The boys spent a lot of time in the pool.
Being at G and Grumpa's house when they would wake up,
they went straight to G and Grumpa's room instead of mine.
There were a few mornings where Keighan and I would wake up and they would already be in the pool!

Keighan tested out the water some.
It had rained a lot recently so the pool temperature was a little too cool for him to get in all the way.
Mommy hanging with her froggie!
We went over to Papa and Pam's to have a visit with them one morning.
L1 and L2 were arguing over who got to hold K's head,
so we had Aunt Sue take a few shots so they could each have a turn with the head!
While we were there, Keighan celebrated his 2 month birthday.
So I remembered to pack his white onesie and monthly stickers.
And we did a little photo shoot for his 2 month pics.
Then later we got all 3 boys together for a few spur of the moment pics.
I may be a bit biased,
but I think my boys are pretty darn handsome!
Another day we had lots of visitors.
Uncle Marshall, Aunt Natalie, Aunt Sue/Mimi and Granny all came over
Marsh got in the pool and Landon had a blast playing with him.
Well...more like being tossed around by him!

Keighan checking out his Great Granny
Marshall and Natalie brought up their dog Memphis.
She loved swimming with the boys,
and the boys loved throwing the tennis ball for her.
Landon and Mimi hanging out after a swim
Keighan thinks Granny is pretty great!
Mimi and Keighan hanging out playing
There is a little plastic pool there.
Once upon a time we used it as a sand box.
Now Logan likes to fill it up with water and then by the afternoon it's pretty hot.
So Keegs took a dip in there since the water was the right temp for him!
Tuckered out after playing hard, napping and trying to stay cool
Well, Marsh has a few weeks left before he gets to hold his own screaming baby.
Let's hope she likes him better than Keighan did!
Only kidding...he was already fussy and ready to eat.
Natalie, me, Keighan, and Marshall before they headed out
Granny, me, G, and Keighan
4 generations of awesomeness.
We even managed to bring Landon's bike down with us.
Mr Jackson (one of the neighbors down the street) taught Landon to ride without training wheels last time they were down.
Landon wanted to show Mr Jackson how he had improved in just a few weeks!
After a few minutes he had his first wipeout on a bike.
The chain got messed up (as did his ankle and knee)
so then we went on back to the pool instead.
There are two things in life that Logan absolutely loves.
Lightning McQueen
Combine them and you'll have a winner every time.
He loves to wear any PJs any time of day...especially his Lightning ones!
(This was while Landon was riding bikes with the Jacksons)

The boys also go to do some work to earn some coins.
(Landon's request)
Oh look...another little critter friend of Landon!
Captain America!
Grumpa and Keighan before we left Ocala.
G and Keighan back in Mobile
(she drove back with us to help keep a little
peace in the car, then flew out the next day)
We never get any pics of us together!

It was a wonderful trip home. We packed so much into the week and actually ended up staying a little extra. We had to come back before Logan's new preschool gave his spot away since we hadn't paid his registration/sports/phonics/supply fees (got the call the night before we left that a spot had opened up for him, yay! So they agreed to hold his spot for a little while for us). We did so many things around the house other than swim and play outside...made some potholders, stepping stones, melty bead thingys, colored, etc. By the end of it Logan was ready to go home, he kept talking about how he missed Daddy. Keighan did a smidge better on the drive back. Not much...but some. I know it'll get better as he gets older, hopefully for our next trip down in November it will be a lot smoother sailing! Now the boys have been decompressing and attempting to catch up on sleep. Our summer is rapidly coming to an end!

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