Friday, August 19, 2011

Keighan is 3 months old!

Seriously....3 months old, already?! It's gone WAY too fast for this Mama's liking!

My "little peanut" is not so little anymore. He has grown so much and is doing so many new things already. He is still an absolute joy to be around {errm...minus any time we spend in the car that is!}

My best guess for weight is about 13.8lbs and length is 25 1/4". We won't have another trip to the pediatrician for him until the end of September for his 4 month well baby (unless something happens and he gets sick, fingers crossed that isn't the case!)

Keighan is such a great baby. He is consistently sleeping through the night. Usually only fussy when he's hungry or in the car.

I quickly did a few shots for his 3 month pics yesterday (a day late...). They didn't turn out great but they'll have to do. Logan was getting mad at me for taking pics. He's so anti-camera lately!

Here is our growing lil' guy!

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