Friday, August 19, 2011

Landon's 1st week of Kindergarten

Um, well....remember how my last post was titled "Part 1"

I had every intention of coming back to post about how the day went.

However, my life is now crazy busy. I'm fearful for my own sanity what will happen next week when Logan starts 3K and is going to school 3 mornings a week.

So instead, we'll just do a week wrap up.

It was fantastic! Every day he came bounding to the car as happy as could be. He got all smiley faces in the notebook he brings home every night. He even was awarded enough tickets to go to the prize box twice! The first trip he chose silly bands, the 2nd he picked computer time. He has really adapted very well. I think getting out of the house and being on the go constantly in school has done a world of good for his behavior at home also.

 This was a sticky note in his folder today :)

When he gets home he always wants to love on his littlest brother. 

I am so proud of my big kindergartner! He is doing great so far with everything and has such an enthusiasm for learning, I only hope that continues! 

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