Saturday, July 3, 2010

Camp G

Before I was really ready, the movers came. Well, I guess we were ready in the sense of having everything put together, sorted out, etc. Just not in the sense I was ready to leave!

G drove up and picked up the boys and took them back to her house. That way they didn't get into the packers and movers way plus Dan and I were able to clean the house and get out of town quicker.

So off to Camp G (and Grumpa!), they went. Something G has been asking to do since Landon was a wee fellow. They got to Ocala on Thursday, Dan and I got in late Friday night. We had Saturday with them and then the hubs and I left again on Sunday. We went on a cruise! That will be a different post in itself though. We were gone for a week. Came back for a few days before we headed West to Texas. While we moved the boys stayed in Ocala. Then eventually G was brave and flew out with them! Here are some pics she took while they were with her:
Getting ready to hit the pool.
I think this is one of the few times they were in clothing/bathing suits while there!
Landon holding a frog that was caught in the skimmer.
He loved to check the skimmers daily (or multiple times a day)
for little creatures!
Logie ready to go in.
Aww *hearts*
One time when we were at G & Grumpa's we made gingerbread cookies.
Now Landon wants to make them every time.
So they did!
Hi-5's after making the cookies.
Having some fun in the sprinklers
(are you beginning to see what I mean about the clothes yet?)
Logan having a sprinkler taste
One day G took them over to Aunt K's house.
Or rather, Neena's.
Grady and Wyatt (one of my cousin's boys) were there too.
This is a fish that Landon and Wyatt caught.
Grady, Landon, Wyatt, and Logan.
We have a pic of them in this same pose from 2 years ago at Kanuga!
Landon jumping into the pool.
He has become obsessed with cannon balls!
My little fish.
Logan floating around.
One of the times he would actually wear his swimmies!
Logan checking out a butterfly.
G had to wash these PJs almost daily!

There are more from when they were there (like going to a friend's farm and seeing the animals), I just don't have copies of them...yet!

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