Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oops...some more May days!

I really need to get my photos better organized. I forgot these pics weren't in my usual folder.

A boy in Landon's class, Drake, lives on the water. On May 27th they invited us and several others down to play.

Everyone had a blast!

The boys {Landon, Drake, Levi, and Mikey} all became such great buds during the school year. Drake's brother, Hayes, is just a year older and also was buddies. Add Logan and Meadow into the mix plus little Kerrigan and we had a great crew who was so much fun!
Logan with his "Submarine Rocket."
This was actually a gift Landon gave to Logan for his 1st birthday.
Landon picked it out because at the time he was actually a big fan of Little Einsteins.
Now Logan is a HUGE rocket fan.
Especially of his Submarine Rocket!

The boys had a great time on the slide and doing crazy tricks off of it!

Some of the crew playing.
Popsicle break time!
Meadow, Levi, Drake, Logan, Landon, Mikey, Hayes
Heavy load!
They had so much fun playing in this boat!
For a while they were pirates and fighting each other off.
Then they all piled in and Kerrie pulled them up and down the water.
I think she certainly got in her workout for the day!

We had lunch on the porch. They all wanted to look down below us.
After lunch everyone got dried off and changed.
Then headed out to play in the club house and on 4-wheelers.

It was a great day with great friends. Days like this are the ones I miss already. We were so blessed to meet some awesome families and make so many wonderful memories with them. It is a slim chances our paths will cross again, as in living in the same place, as they are not military and it is unlikely Dan will be stationed in Milton again. Part of me wants to endure the flight school experience again just so we can spend more time with everyone there. We sure do miss them all!!!

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Sunday the 30th I was woken up in the middle of the night. My phone was vibrating. Over and over. Phone call! Who the heck...what the...oh, it's Lindsey! I knew as soon as I got the call what was happening, baby Z was coming! I got on my clothes, somehow managed to, and went to their house as they went off to the hospital. A little while later Sam (10) woke up...not to much longer Abby (5) was up too. We had some breakfast and got dressed then went back to my house.

It was a great morning with wonderful weather, so we decided to break out the inflatable slide. It was actually the first time using it so it took a few minutes to figure it all out. Sam kept everyone entertained while they waited though.

They had Yoga class.
Then did some runway modeling.
Finally got to play on the slide!

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