Saturday, July 3, 2010

Here we go!'s been a while.

Go ahead, say it. I'm a slacker!

Well...partially true. Other part of the truth is we have been incredibly busy. In the past month I have been in 5 different countries, 4 different states, driven about 2,000 miles, and moved half way across the country to a state I've only had lay overs in. Plus add in things like soccer camps, being sick, and things really add up.

So now we are embarking on a 3 day weekend. Well, hmm...for most least most of Dan's co-workers. He got "lucky" and has duty tonight and on Monday, so I guess he just gets a 1 day weekend. It is going to be my mission to get caught up blogging on the past month or however long it has been!

So here we go...

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