Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wrapping up May

The end of May was a very hectic time for this Knauss family.

Dan finished Primary, yay! He had his "selection" process. All the other students (Air Force, Navy, and Marines) didn't know at that point what platform they would be flying. Which also means they have no idea if they were about to move or not! Even though the CG does it differently (thank goodness!), so Dan knew he would be on fixed wings and moving...he still had to go to the selection process. I think it is just an excuse to get drunk in the afternoon at work, ha! Fine, fine...tradition...whatever.

The names of everyone who was selecting that day.
I think this was 20May.

Dan's name tag from VT-3.
Put it on a wall with where apparently everyone puts theirs after completing.
I wanted it for a shadow box that I plan on doing.
Again...I guess it is tradition, or so I'm told *sigh*
At least I got a pic though, right?
Only about 5 months late...but Dan's onwing finally showed up to something and cut his tie!
Nothing like waiting until the absolute last minute!
In general aviation flight training when you first solo the back of your shirt is cut out.
Military cuts your tie. Dates back a long time ago to wearing scarves/ties when they flew.
If the instructor liked you they would only cut the end off so you could still tuck it into your uniform and not need to buy a new one. If they didn't like you they would cut it up higher so you would be forced to buy a new one because it wouldn't tuck in.

May 28th was a busy busy day. It was Landon's last day of school at First Steps Christian Pre-School. It was also the T-ball awards ceremony day! I am glad things worked out like they did...having school and t-ball wrap up that week. The following week our movers came!

The last day in Mrs. Jonette and Mrs. Nina's class was a fun one!
It was costume day!
Landon went as Batman. It was just something I threw together last minute.
We had a cape. Target had a cheap shirt.
We showed up at school and Mikey was Batman also--with an extra mask!
So the boys switched off with the blue and black masks during the day.
After working up an appetite running around outside it was time for ice cream sundaes!
Riley, Mikey, Landon, and Levi after school.

Logan with his buddy Lizzy, waiting for awards to begin.
Landon getting his trophy from Coach Barbara.
He was (still is actually), SO excited to have his own trophy!
Levi, Mikey, and Landon showing their trophies off.

It was a long day and one we will remember for years to come! I can't really say that I was sad to see t-ball come to an end, it was a long season and we spent many, many hours at the ball park! I am sad that it meant hanging out with some of our best friends a lot was at an end though.

So this wraps up May. June is when it got really nuts around here...there...well, anywhere we were!

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