Saturday, July 3, 2010

Milton Goodbyes

Again, this is a little out of order.
I knew I had these pictures...they were just left on my memory card still! Oops.

With Dan's job we tend to move. A lot.

Quick refresher...
Jan-June 2006: Mobile, AL
June-October 2006: Elizabeth City, NC
October 2006-May 2009: Cape Cod, MA
Jan 2009-June 2009:
Ocala, FL {boys and I while Dan was at OCS}
June 2009-June 2010: Milton, FL
June 2010-December 2010: Corpus Christi, TX
December 2010-???: ???

There is a lot about moving I enjoy. Getting to see new things. Going to new places. Experiencing different parts of the country.

Then again, there is A LOT about moving I don't like. Packing, unpacking, learning a new city, a new grocery store, etc. Making new friends...leaving those friends.

This move has been
particularly hard for me. We were only in Milton for a year, if you want to get technical...1 year and 3 days. However, I made some awesome friends. Landon made some great friends. We had a blast! I think what has made this move harder than the others is that the majority of our friends in Milton are not military. I know if we were to have stayed there the kids could have grown up together. Gone to schools together. Played sports together. On and on. Before the majority of our friends have all been military. I knew if it wasn't us moving it would be them. No one gets to stay in the same place forever. So the goodbyes were tough!

The first day the packers came
Christy invited us over to play. Logan was at daycare and I was wanting to keep Landon out of the packers way (G wasn't coming until the next afternoon). So we headed over to Mikey's! We were there for a little bit then Riley came over also.
Mikey, Landon, and Riley hanging out
Riley, Landon, and Mikey.
Hanging out in Mikey's tree house.
Riley kept kissing Landon--
he wasn't very down with the idea!
The next day we met up with Kathi, Levi, and Meadow at ChickFilA for lunch.
The playground there was crazy, so we headed over to Benny Russell Park.
The boys on the tire swing.
In the Pensacola area you just can't escape the Blue Angels!
Landon giving Meadow a squeeze.
That night Levi and Kathi stopped by the house.
Kathi put a lot of work into an awesome going away gift for me and brought it by.
She had Mrs. Jonette get Landon's hand print on a plate.
Then had a friend paint on it.
It was awesome!
Unfortunately, just minutes after she gave it to me, it fell and broke.
We tried to piece it back together but it wasn't quite perfect.
So we had it replicated.
Not exact, but it is pretty close.
Levi hugging Logan.
Me and Kathi.
The boys trying to climb up a tree.
Then it was time for tumbling in the yard.
Or attempting to anyways.
The boys' last morning we stopped by the Baysden's house to say goodbyes.
Emily was still sleeping so they just got to say goodbye to Paige.
They are moving to Juneau, AK soon--actually on their way right now!
Landon and Paige.
When Landon saw this pic he said,
"Aww now that's a cute picture!"
Landon and Mr. Rob

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