Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doddridge Park

Ok, ok...go ahead and throw the stones. I know it's been too long since I've posted. Life has been pretty hectic around here lately.

It seems like we are on the go a lot. Landon has speech on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The time block he has isn't the greatest, but we make it work. If we were to come home for lunch after school, we'd have about 15-20 min before going out the door on the way to speech. With my boys I just don't think that would be possible most days, too many distractions at home. So I've started making lunch for the boys and having them eat it on the way as long as the weather is nice. The road we take all the way from base into town is Ocean Dr/Shoreline Dr...and it is just that, a road along the ocean's shoreline. It is really neat because along the way there is an awesome kid's playground and several areas where you can pull over and park, most have picnic tables at them. I don't go to the playground one because I know I'd never get the boys to leave, but we will pull over at different places and let the boys run around.
Lunch for the day.
Puzzle piece PB&J sandwich.
Grapes. Cheese Ritz crackers. Colby Jack stars.
M&Ms for a treat after.
Landon chomping down

Logan eating
(don't worry, I was actually sitting
in the driveway when these were taken)
This particular day we went to Doddridge Park.

Love this!
My happy guys.
Nope, this wasn't a pose or any bribing involved.
My boys just love each other!
Just running around.
Logan pretending to be out of breath.
Taking a break and looking out at the water.
Landon loved the water that day.
He kept talking about how pretty and sparkly it was.

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