Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open House

On September 21st Landon's school had Open House night. They told the students that anyone could come, Landon was pretty upset that none of his grandparents would be here to be able to check it out. So I told him I would bring the camera and take a lot of pictures to share with everyone.

Logan being Mr. Cool before heading into class
This is outside the classroom.
Favorite color: red
Favorite food: chicken and fries from McDonalds
I like to play with: bikes outside with my best buddy Rylan
Sitting at his desk
Every day they say the Pledge of Allegiance.
Landon has it memorized now and recites it perfectly!
They also say the Texas Pledge. (what...yes.)
They do a little project for every letter of the alphabet.
E is for eat.
Landon likes to eat at McDonalds
(no shocker there!)
F is for family.
He drew the 4 of us and the kitties!
There is a 5th figure there.
I think it is a 3rd animal based on it's limbs going downwards
(at first I thought maybe he drew the baby in there),
my guess is he drew Grumman.
It's been over 7 months now
but he will still talk about how he misses Grumman :(

"My family is the best because...
they take me to good places like Chuck E. Cheese's"
Ha! We've only ever gone twice!

One of the projects on the wall.
Landon's art skills are really great compared to his classmates.
Most of them just had shapes slapped on and said they were something,
although they looked like nothing.
We were quite impressed with his rocket ship!
"I made a rocket ship launching into space with an engine
that doesn't need gas or to be charged up or
to be refueled."
Landon (and Rylan) playing with the SmartBoard.
The SmartBoard is one of his favorite things about school.
He was excited to be able to show us how it works.
Remember back during "Meet the teacher" day
Landon drew Ms. Miller a picture?
It is still hanging up!

Just some shots around the room.
This is the chart they use to see
who has what job for the day.
There are 2 classes up there,
the morning and afternoon session.

It was great to be able to go in and see what all he has been working on for the past few weeks! He loves school, I hope that continues! He's very bright and soaks up everything. Most days Ms. Miller will tell me she tried to wear him out but doesn't think she was successful, and she's usually right!

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