Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Oven is Back in Use!

I think most of you know by now, but if not...Baby Knauss #3 is on the way!!! We went back and forth for a while on having a 3rd or not. We then decided to go for it and once that decision was made it just felt so right!

I had shirts made for the boys from etsy, they were stashed away in my room hoping Dan didn't come across them! (I plan on having a lil bro(or sis) shirt made for this one to match and have pis done of the trio come May!) I went to the Dr to have a blood test and within the hour they told me it was positive. So I put the shirts on the boys and they waited anxiously for Daddy to come home from work!

The Big Bro and Big Bro in the making!
Landon was actually all about
having his pic taken that day!
The boys were waiting not so patiently.
They were looking out the window just
anticipating Daddy's truck pulling in.
Finally I heard, "Daddy is home!!"
Landon ran up to Dan first.
Then Logan did, and that is when it hit Dan!
His first reaction was to accuse me of lying to him.
It was a Wednesday, I told him I wasn't planning on testing until Friday.
Well...I'm not the most patient person!

Right now we're just a little over 6 weeks, feels like an eternity to go! Due date is May 21st. I've already gotten a lot of questions about pregnancy for me since having WLS, I will address that in my other blog here shortly (need to finish getting this updated then I'll hop over there and update more). We've also received a lot of comments/questions about gender preference, so let me just lay it out now. Yes, we'd love a girl. However, another boy would be great too! Did we decide to have a 3rd in hopes of having a girl? No! Statistically there are 51% males and 49% females born in the US. Those odds are certainly not anything that we would chance something as big as adding to our family in the hopes that we have a girl. Having 2 boys already we are only about 2% higher chance of having a 3rd boy than anyone else. If it is another boy we are totally fine with that! Our boys are so amazing we wouldn't change them for anything, I'm sure whatever gender this little bean is will be just as amazing as they are. If it is a girl I'm not really sure where we'd fit in pink and princess things among all the super heroes!

We are really excited that soon we will grow into a family of 5. The boys are so excited too! They keep talking about the baby in my belly. Logan will sometimes tickle me then tell me that he has to stop because he's waking the baby up. Landon has actually been praying for month for a baby sister. We've finally gotten him to come around to the idea that it could be another brother though. The other night he was saying the blessing before dinner and here is how it went:

Dear God, Please make the baby hatch soon.
Thank you, Amen.

I couldn't help but chuckle at this. Earlier that same day we had a talk about how he was missing G. Then it somehow came up that when this baby is born G would most likely be there to watch him and Logan, like she watched him when Logan was born. I assumed he wanted the baby to "hatch" soon so he would get to see G, but I asked, "Landon, why do you want the baby to be born soon?" His response, "So I can see if it is a baby girl like I want!" I then explained to him that the Doctor has a special camera they can look inside mommy's belly and tell us if it is a boy or a girl and we should actually be able to do that right around Christmas or his birthday. He got very excited about that and asked if he could come with us. Will keep you posted on what that special camera reveals!

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