Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Super Heroes

Today I was at a Target that is not my usual store. You know...the one where they don't recognize me in there because it is rare I'm there instead of the one here I feel like I'm in there constantly for something!

Landon has been asking for these Buzz Lightyear gloves since before Christmas. He was actually a little peeved that Santa did not bring them. In this Target they were way on clearance! At 75% off I couldn't pass them up. When I got home from running errands, Dan and the boys were at the playground. They were so excited to see the prize Mommy brought home for them. They wanted them on right away along with their Buzz wings.
Shortly after they asked Daddy to fly them around.
He got his workout in for the day, especially lifting Landon up!
It brought back memories of when Landon was itty bitty and Dan
would fly him around the house to calm him down. I can still
picture him having one arm straight out in front like a little
Super Baby when he was about 3-4 weeks old.

Their time as a super hero today didn't end with Buzz though. We ate dinner a little earlier than usual so had some time to spare before taking a bath and doing the bed time routine. With a PCS (Permanent Change of Station--so not permanent either, but that is a post for another day) looming about 4 weeks away we decided it was time to start the pre-PCS purge. Dan actually began this while the boys and I were gone over Spring Break. Tonight at dinner we talked with Landon about it and he agreed to put some of the things from the toy room into a box to get rid of. He weeded out the massive collection of Ninja Turtles, stuffed animals, etc. The closet can now be opened without things falling out! In the midst of our cleaning out, the boys rediscovered the capes that Uncle Marshall and Aunt Natalie gave them for Christmas.
Landon wanted his to be on the Incredibles side
(other side is Batman)
Logan had his on the Batman side (other side is Superman) and also insisted on wearing his Spiderman mask from his Halloween costume with it.

Now my little Super Heroes are tucked snug in their beds, thankfully!

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