Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Landon's prayers

Wednesdays are a day I usually look forward to. Although Landon has school in the morning, he doesn't have t-ball. Coach Barbara says it is bad to practice on Wednesdays because we should be in church. It is typically the only weekday off from t-ball. Tomorrow we actually have off as well because of a Saturday game (practice Friday). It is an odd {and nice!} feeling to look at my calendar and see a whole day without a single thing written on it!

Today was picture day at Landon's school. One of his teachers had suggested I bring in Logan and have their pictures done together. So I did! They took shots of both of them individually and also together. For the ones of them together the photog had Landon lie on his stomach and Logan sat on his back. From what I could tell they should turn out great! They are both wearing the same outfit. I brought my camera to take pics of everyone playing after school but after a minute a water spigot got turned on by someone playing and we were on the way home, the boys drenched. I did get one shot of Landon though:
Landon with his best buddy Levi.

I always cherish the little conversations I have with Landon. Some of the things he says simply amaze me while others leave me with an ache in my side from laughing.

Today on the way home from school the boys were unusually quiet. The radio was on. We came to a stop light and I turned around to look at Landon (I can see Logan in my mirror). He was slouched over to the side just staring out his window. We started going again and then he started talking.
L: Mommy, when I have a baby sister I'm going to have to be a big helper.
M: IF you have a baby sister or a baby brother you'll have to be my big helper. But you know you might not have one.
L: Yeah because she's going to be crawling all around and trying to break stuff so I'm going to have to help so she doesn't wreck the whole house!
M: Well buddy you know you might not get a baby at all and if you do it might be another brother.
L: But Mommy, we need a sister. We already have 2 boys. *mumbles*
M: What were you saying?
L: I was just praying to God.
M: Oh, can you tell me what you were praying about?
L: For a baby sister.
Then I heard him again, the italicized part is where Logan chimed in
L: Dear God. Please give us a baby sister. God, please give sister. We have 2 boys so really need a sister now. Amen. The end.
M: Well that was nice boys.
L: Thank you Mommy. I am going to have to pray every night before bed for a baby sister.
M: OK, but just remember God doesn't always answer your prayers in the way you want Him too.
L: OK Mommy, but I will still pray. Can God hear us even if we are in your car?
M: Yes, He can.
L: Can He hear us if we are in a building?
M: Yes, He can hear us wherever we are.
L: But how can He do that?
M: I don't know exactly Landon, it is just something special that God can do.
L: So then He can also put baby girls in your insides. Oh look at that truck with all those tires!

And off he went about the truck carrying a load of tires.

We got home, changed out of the wet clothes, went potty, brushed teeth, read a book, etc--our usual nap time routine. They got in bed and I turned on the sound machine.
L: Oh, I forgot! Mommy turn that off.
M: What did you forget?
L: I have to pray!
He got down from bed and knelt by it.
L: Dear God, I really want a baby sister. LOGAN! You have to pray too! {Logan gets up and goes right next to Landon in the same position} Ok. Dear God, I really want a baby sister. Please give us one. God, give sister please. We have too many boys so we need a sister. Amen. Many boys, the end.
M: That was great boys. But remember even if God answers your prayer the way you want Him to it doesn't mean it will happen right away, it takes time.
L: I know Mommy. But God will give me a baby sister if I just keep praying before I go to bed.

Gosh, the pressure isn't on or anything...if we even have another baby!

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