Thursday, April 22, 2010

Disney on Ice

Remember how yesterday I was excited to have NOTHING on the calendar today? A day to lounge around the house and relax. Perhaps begin a pre-PCS purge since we only have about a month left here (::EEK::).

I don't remember who called me first, but both Lora Beth and Kathi did to tell me they just bought tickets for Disney on Ice. I had forgotten it was this weekend! We had talked about going, but with Dan's schedule there just isn't any way to predict when he will be around. So we decided to buy tickets and go tonight!

We got to the Pensacola Civic Center with plenty of time to spare. Landon's best bud Levi was sitting 2 rows in front of us. They had a good time yelling back and forth to each other until the people sitting in the row between us came and shortly after the show began. We also ran into Noah from Landon's t-ball team and Drake from his class.

Now I took a ton of pictures....380 to be exact. I'm not thrilled with any of them :( We were far away, lighting stunk, my battery got low, and the majority of the time I had a fidgety 2 year old in my lap. So here are some of the better ones that will just have to do even though it pains me.
The ice before the show began
Landon called this Optimus Prime
(and yes, this was a part of the show--not just pre-game type stuff)
Landon very intently watching the show. He loved it!
Logan watching. He enjoyed most of it.
The "Zamboni" broke down and they fixed it here.
Out came the Genie!
I thought this was one of the best acts skating wise.
Finding Nemo
Minnie and Mickey!
Beauty and the Beast
(it started off with him as the beast then transforming)
A lot princess types and their men.
That stuff is foreign to us in a house of boys!
The Toy Story army men
Or as Logan says--Buddy!
Buzz Lightyear.
His face freaked me out.
Woody, Jessie, and Buzz
Mickey, Donald, and Minnie.
It's a small world act.
Brought back terrifying memories of my senior year in high school at Grad Night when the Small World ride broke down and I had to hear the music over and over again until we were escorted out a back way. Ahhh!
Mickey coming in for a landing.
M-i-c-k-e-y M-o-u-s-e song
The wooden boy--Pinocchio
From the Pinocchio skit--unicycle dude had some skills doing that on ice!
The Incredibles!
Elastigirl's powers at work.
The Incredible family with Edna Mode
Lion King was the next act to come on
The finale with all of the characters
All 3 of my guys watching
andddd it wouldn't be complete without a meltdown.
Amazingly he stayed awake until we got home even though it was over an hour past bedtime. Poor guy was tuckered out!


  1. Awesome photos, thissy! Wish I could have been here with y'all. :-)

  2. Hey! Saw your blog @ Coastie Chicks and had to check it out because you have lived in so many of the same places we have! W are in Mobile now, we just came from Pensacola, before that was Cape Cod, and we want to go to E-City! How crazy is that. Guess what else... I was at this show too! We left before the end because my boys didn't really care for it too much! I loved Pcola, and really miss it, Mobile is like another country lol :)

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