Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rainy Saturday

Landon and Logan get the National Geographic Kids magazine. We got one last week and the first chance they had to look at it was this morning. There was an experiment in there to clean pennies by putting them in a jar with vinegar and salt in a jar and shaking it. Landon LOVES collecting money. He would empty his bank and count it 5 times a day if we let him. He saw this activity and insisted on doing it. So we made him do a few things for us first (like clean the toy room) before we did it.
Landon did the shaking while Logan looked on.
Logan sees the camera come out and an automatic "cheeeeese" happens.
The end result--shiny pennies!

Since we've finally gotten rain (first time in weeks!), Landon's rain gauge saw drops in it for the first time. He made it at the Home Depot tent at the Month of the Military Child event we went to last weekend. He was so excited that it was raining so it would get filled up.
A good 2" by our measurement!

The outside wasn't the only one getting wet today. Landon decided it would be a gran idea to toss Whitney into the toilet! Eek. Thankfully it had been flushed first! Never a dull moment around these parts!

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