Saturday, April 17, 2010

Busy day!

Wow, today has been a busy one!

We started out by buying Dan a new truck! While we waited for them to deliver it (story about to follow), we spent the morning outside riding bikes and 4-wheelers, playing hopscotch, and just running around.

We've talked about getting a new vehicle for about a year. Then decided to put it off until his promotion in November. Sometimes there are deals that are too good to pass up though. We bought a 2009 Mitsubishi Raider crew cab. The Raiders are basically a Dodge Dakota (even the sticker on his door says it was made by Chrysler). They stopped making Raiders in 2009 but the Daytona Beach dealership had a bunch hanging around. So for over 2 months now I've stalked their website. Waiting for more price drops. Waiting for inventory to get low. With 4 left we decided to jump on it. I was going to drive down to trade in the little red wagon (because Daytona is more than 350 miles from here Dan would have to take leave, which we pretty much knew wouldn't get approved so didn't even try). We had been dealing with the dealership on the phone and through e-mails for a few days. Wanted all the duck in a row before I made the trip down. After we got our bottom line out the door price our salesman said he could probably have it delivered instead of me coming down and FedEx'ing paperwork back and forth (they wouldn't take a PoA for some reason). I asked how much additional that would be. He went and talked to someone who said they would do it for no additional charge! Without further rambling...
Dan cleaning out the Subaru. He got it in 2001 so a lot of memories have been made with it!

The Black Beauty (or whatever Dan may name it, I just pulled this out of nowhere)

Dan behind the wheel for the first time!

After we dotted the i's and crossed the t's we took it for a spin. First stop: car wash. Was it dirty? Nope. So not entirely sure the reasoning behind that decision but it made Dan happy so be it!

We then headed to Corry Station for a Kids Fest. It was put on by NAS P'Cola MWR (morale, welfare, and recreation) in celebration of the month of the military child {apparently there is now a month/week/day for everything}. We briefly saw some old friends but they were on their way out as we were getting there. We hit up the Home Depot tent first. Landon made a birdhouse looking rain gauge. Logan {rather...Mommy} made a race track for these 2 little cars. Now we've spent the afternoon with the boys fighting over who gets which car. Oh the joys! The boys also did some things like squirting water guns at duckys to get them to move across a little pool, beanbag toss, plinko, bounce house, etc. Spent $5 on 25 tickets and called it good. Here are some pics from the kids fest:

After the Kids Fest we swung by Kim and Adam's house. Their neighborhood was having a yard sale. Since they live forever away (well, it can feel like that!) and we were so close we stopped to say, "hi" for a few minutes and see if they were having any luck. The boys spent a decent bit of the time under their bed trying to get the dog out.

We are now back home and relaxing. Dinner is in the oven, Dan is about to head out for a flight. He's been working a lot at night lately which is annoying but nothing can be done! Hopefully once this block ends (tonight he finishes it up) he'll be around more in the evenings to be able to come to Landon's t-ball and actually eat dinner with us!

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