Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20, 2010

Well, Landon's Mohawk is gone. On Sunday he decided it would be a brilliant idea to squeeze out 2 tubes of toothpaste out all over the bathroom and himself while he was supposed to be going potty. I had kept telling him if he didn't behave it would be gone. So now it is gone!

Monday was relatively uneventful. L1 had school and t-ball practice.

Today Landon was decked out in "pirate clothes." I had picked out the overalls. Upon seeing the pirate shirt he was insistent on wearing his pirate hat and socks too. Yes they are from the same line but don't really go together. Oh well, he rocked it anyways--of course wearing his "rainbow shoes."
These are Logan's "rainbow shoes." He picked them out and has begged (more like screamed and yelled refusing to wear anything else) to wear them every day since he got them.

Landon had a t-ball game tonight. His first at bat he was called out at 1st base, which they later said was the wrong call. He over ran first, like you are allowed to at 1st base, and the other team tagged the base and called him out. Their coach was arguing that he made an advance towards 2nd. Which wasn't the case. Yes he was looking in that direction but wasn't even close to running or even taking a step towards 2nd. Later the head ref of the league came over (after it happened to a 2nd one of our runners) and told them it was the wrong call, they were safe. 2nd at bat he got a hit and scored. After the game he was so excited that he got a point for his team! The Ponies won 16-9!
Logan pre-game. He wants to play SO bad!
So he decided to get in some practice base running for in 2 years time when he'll get to play.
Landon fielding the ball.
Daddy and Logan cheering Landon and the Ponies on!
Landon getting instructions from Coach Barbara before batting.
Landon running the bases!

The past week or so spring has been hitting Milton full force. Flowers that Landon and G planted when I was in the hospital back in September are reappearing. We also have about 14 pots of different things growing in the backyard. The boys have loved planting things and watching them grow. Right now in our pots we have sunflowers (about 5 or 6 pots worth!), watermelon, tomatoes, baby's breath, a wildflower mix, gladiola, and 2 other bulbs. I'm not sure what all Landon and G planted but here is one of my favorites!
Happy spring!

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