Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mommies out there!!! is May already! The time sure flies when your plate is constantly overflowing with activities and things to do. It snuck up quietly and quickly this year, but here we are--Mother's Day!

On Friday when I picked Landon up from school, he had an assortment of goodies for me.
A yellow rose.
Green flower with glitter and sequins--supposed to put a pic in the middle.
A bag he colored, inside was...
a ceramic tile he painted, the teachers put a pic of both boys on it
with Mod Podge, then Landon put glitter over it.
A drawing he made of me.
A card-up top is his hand print, below
is Landon, Logan, and Me. He made sure
to tell me he was up higher because he is taller than Logan.
Apparently everyone in the class was upset they
didn't make any Daddy figures to put on the cards too!
We will be hanging this up somewhere soon!
Landon has been asking me to do it, but won't tell me where he thinks it should go.
This pic was taken on picture day at school-
many times Logan goes into class for a few min in the morning
and a few min when we pick Landon up to sing/play with the other kids.
Guess Mrs. Jonette snapped it then!
I absolutely LOVE this drawing!!!
Even if I do have a few too many fingers and toes ;)
On the way home from school Friday we stopped at Target-
I had something in mind for this as soon as I saw it!
We picked up this frame to put it in.
It is quite neat, you can open it up and put in a new piece of artwork
without taking it down from the wall. Also has a storage folder in it.
We picked up a 2nd frame also so Logan can have one too.

This morning I slept in a little bit. When I woke up I was tackled in hugs, kisses, and being told "Happy Mother's Day!" They were finishing up eating some sausage for breakfast, so I asked if they were interested in any pancakes to go along with the sausage. Of course they were! So my big helpers helped me make them!
Pouring the Bisquick into the mixing bowl
Logan...never fails to miss an opportunity to be goofy!
Logan dumping in the milk.
I was going to do the eggs...until they insisted they do them.
So I cracked each egg into a separate little bowl.
Then the boys tossed them in the mix.
They took turns (without fighting!!) stirring everything together.
Landon also wanted more sausage
(this boy LOVES sausage!)
so he helped Daddy cook it up.
Time to eat! We took shirts off to avoid syrup spills.
Landon enjoyed his pancakes with sausage.
Logan took his with strawberries on top.

My little men mean the world to me!

All day Landon has been asking me, "Is this the best Mother's Day ever, Mommy?" I'd have to say it most certainly is! Last year I didn't get to spend it with my boys (Dan had just graduated OCS and we were doing the moving dance while the boys stayed with my folks). So far this year has been great. The weather is wonderful right now, the boys are snoozing...I'm sure when they wake up we will be in the backyard or at the park playing. We aren't even close to crazy enough to go out for dinner tonight. Instead we are going to do take out from Texas Roadhouse. I get out of cooking, we have something good to eat, and don't have to deal with the massive crowds that flock to restaurants on Mother's Day. I think Dan still has nightmares about the day from when he was a server!