Thursday, May 6, 2010

New bike!

For Landon's 3rd birthday, G & Grumpa gave him a Tonka bike. Already though he has gotten too big for it. So yesterday we decided to head into town. We got dinner at Moe's Southwest Grill (Cinco de Mayo...had to attempt to celebrate a little) then went across the street to Toys R Us. Landon was so excited about getting a new bike! He picked out the one with his favorite colors--green and orange. Daddy put it together last night and this morning the boys and I went outside to test it out. Logan had fun on Landon's old bike (and his 4-wheeler).

Going super fast!
Logan testing out his "new" bike
I'm glad we live on a street without anyone
so the boys can ride up and down it!
Landon riding
After a bit Logan switched out the bike
for his 4-wheeler.
"Look Mommy, I can do it without hands!"
EEK...maybe we should get some full
body protection if he's going to keep this up!

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