Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dan's academic achievement

A few weeks ago Dan came home from work. He had a test that day and gave me the news that he was going to be getting an academic achievement award. If you missed only a certain number of questions over specific tests, you get it. He knew the program existed, just had forgotten about it so he was surprised when they told him he would be receiving it! Not long later I got a letter in the mail about it. It actually made me laugh some. Here are some excerpts:

Your husband (rank, name , service filled in here) has been presented a Letter of Commendation in recognition of his outstanding achievement in Primary Academic Training while assigned to Training Air Wing FIVE, Naval Air Station, Whiting Field. His superior performance has placed him among the top 10 percent of all Student Aviators.
This noteworthy performance is a personal achievement of which you and Dan can both be justifiably proud. Your continued support and understanding is a key enabler for Dan's notable accomplishments. It is a pleasure having officers of your husband's caliber in the Naval Flight training program
It went on to say the pictures from the ceremony could be found HERE, but they are not up yet.

The ceremony was this past Friday. Landon was at school and we put Logan in daycare for an hour so I could go. The commander of TRAWING 5 was the one doing the presenting. It was pretty laid back. I was glad I wasn't the only wife there!

Dan receiving his award
He got this letter, a pic of T-34s in forms, and a challenge coin

A group shot
They weren't ready for me to take the pic, oh well!
There were also 2 guys from Dan's OCS class who
received the award! (Stuber & Monez)

It was a brief little ceremony but I am glad I was able to be there. The commander was nice, told the guys to sit down so he could meet the important people (the wives in the back of the room). Also shared how when he was in the fleet for each crew member's dependents they would add 100 pounds of fuel to the min before they would return to base (so in Dan's case, his family would add 300 lbs because there are 3 of us). The commander said he wanted us to remember they are always thinking about us when they're out and making sure they will return to us. He also shared that he never got any awards like this when going through so these guys are starting out on the right foot!

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