Saturday, May 1, 2010


As usual, the last few days have been busy. Nonstop go go go go go it feels like! There isn't a day in our calendar without something {usually multiple} things written down. I'm beginning to think the move might be more of a vacation compared to how busy we have been!
A lizard Logan spotted.
We were coming home from somewhere and pulling up to the garage,
he got all excited and started shouting about a lizard.
He spotted this little guy and the boys loved checking him out for a while.
Logan and his burger.
The other day Logan was begging for a burger. boys always want chicken.
We were past due for lunch that day and running errands,
so I decided to treat them for lunch by going out.
Thing is...because Logan wanted a burger, he was INSISTENT
that it MUST only come from Burger King!
He ate about half before his eyes were drooping.
So while he was napping, I was cleaning up...and in the trash it went.
Wow...bad move on Mommy's part!
He was not a happy bear when he woke up to find that out, oops.
Wednesday while Landon was at school, Logan and I went to the playground.
It was a beautiful day, we couldn't pass it up.
He {loves} the swings.
We met up with our friends at the playground.
They were testing the pool and taking promo pics for it.
It was pure torture for Emalee and Logan to see it but not be able to go in!
Thursday night Landon had a t-ball game.
He is becoming quite the little slugger!
He hit a single and a double with 4 RBIs!
This is him jogging into 2nd on his double.
Friday morning Landon's school took a field trip to the Gulf Breeze Zoo.
Here is Landon with some of his best buds--Levi and Mikey--waiting
(impatiently might I add) to go in
Out front of the zoo there was this little fountain.
Landon wanted to make a wish, G gave him some coins to toss in.
Want to guess what he wished for?
A baby sister.
Oh yes, he is still on the kick and not giving in!
At the zoo a caterpillar decided to become friends with Landon.
It was as if this peacock was trained.
He kept standing and turning in circles for everyone.
Our family with the Baysden family.
Dan ended up not having to go in on Friday so he was able to join us at the zoo.
Paige goes to FSCP also, just on different days than Landon
(but the field trip was 1 day for everyone)
Friday night was the VT-3 50th Anniversary dinner dance.
Here we are all gussied up and ready to go!
Just us...almost exactly a year since the last time we did this!
However, last time was for OCS graduation.

Dan went to OCS with these guys.
They are now in VT-3 also.
Well, one of them just finished a few days ago--so he's an alum now.

The boys built a sandcastle with G while we were gone.
Logan is in his Ponies shirt because there was supposed to be a t-ball game.
It got rained out though :(

So our days are filled with activities and appointments. I run from here to there and back again being a taxi for the boys. We wouldn't have it any other way though. Knowing we don't have much time left here we are trying to fit in as much as we can!

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