Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Future players in World Cup 2026/2030 ;)

Anyone who knows Dan knows (or rather, should know) that he is a soccer fan. We have to have a special package added to our TV programming so he can get certain soccer channels. He has played and reffed for years. Not so much in recent ones...an unpredictable schedule for work makes it difficult. Last time he played was summer 2006 when we were in Mobile. Which was also Landon's first summer and his first World Cup! Which means World Cup 2010 is around the corner. Dan has an app on his iPhone that will tell you just how much time is left until the games begin (as of this moment, 30 days 5 hours 56 minutes and 37 seconds). I have been hearing the count down for what seems like forever now.

A few weeks ago he told me the USA home jersey had been unveiled and he really wants it, would like it for his birthday. A few days later a Eurosport catalog arrived. He showed me the jersey (again) and said (again) how much he likes it. Then conveniently left it on my side of the bed. Hmm..think he is trying to leave a "subtle" hint or something?

Well being the mom I am obsessed over my children's clothing {hey, at least I can admit it!} I noticed right away the USA kid's kit. The kid's kit is the jersey, shorts, and socks sold together.

Landon actually had a set, I believe it was the 2008 version of the USA uniform. We have the socks and the shorts...but the jersey apparently walked away somewhere. So I went to check them out on the website only to not be able to find them. Long story short, they had them in the catalog but weren't available yet (according to the cust service guy I talked to). I ended up finding them from another company, SoccerPro. So I ordered 2 of them.

The boys feet have been growing at an alarming rate, especially Logan's. This time last year he was in a 5 and now he is in a 9.5/10 ::eek:: Both of their tennis shoes are 5 months old, getting worn, and small. So I was hunting for new shoes when I realized something. They both now have a big enough foot to get shoes just like Daddy's!

So today was a good mail {err..UPS} day. Their kits and shoes came. Landon was SO excited over the jersey. I showed it to him on the way to his t-ball came (UPS came as we were walking out the door). He is registered for a soccer camp this summer and if you register 45+ days before the came starts you get a free jersey, which arrived last week. So he was stoked to be getting another jersey. Especially after Dan showed him some pics of guys wearing the exact same ones. After dinner I had them try things on quickly.

The boys modeling their new gear for me
Look out for them in 16 or 20 years playing in the World Cup themselves!
(hey, we can dream!)

My guys and their matching kicks :)

The little ones never miss the chance
to jump on Daddy!

In other news today, Landon had a t-ball game tonight. Despite losing (boo, only their 3rd one all season--other 2 were to the same team), Landon had a fantastic game! He hit great and ran the bases well. Didn't see any action in left field, maybe next time!

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