Sunday, May 23, 2010

Playing catch up

Time certainly has passed quickly lately! Almost every day we have at least one item on the schedule. Then in a spare moment we've been trying to get ready for our move to Corpus Christi, TX! So this post we'll play a quick catch up round.

Thursday AM I was attempting to do laundry.
Then my basket was stolen!
The boys decided a laundry basket would make a great toy.
Landon sat in it and Logan promptly began to spin him around.
(p.s...I have no idea why this is underlined and have tried about 50 things to get it to not be, yet it still is...rawr)
Then it was time for Logan to get a ride in the basket.
Thursday night Landon had a t-ball game.
This was a game he has been looking forward to since the beginning of the season.
His buddy, Drake, is on the Kits.
We were supposed to play twice before...
both got rained out!
This is Landon on 2nd base waving to Drake playing 1st base.
Logan doing his post-game ritual of running the bases.
He wants to play SO bad!
2 more years Bruiser!
Landon, Levi, Drake, and Hayes
(Levi and Drake are in Landon's class...Hayes is Drake's older brother who also goes to their school)
Friday was a beautiful day.
Landon had school.
So we decided to leave a bit early to go pick him up.
Made a stop at Benny Russell Park.
Logan is obsessed with jumping off the ends of slides.
Dan was home on Friday so got to come with us.
I think he liked the digger more than Logan!
One of Logan's all time favorites...swinging!
After picking up Landon from school we got the mail.
The boys were SO excited to learn they got a package from G!
G sent the boys some dinosaur Silly Bandz.
They have had a blast with them.
Their favorite thing is to tie 2 of them together
(the first time this happened accidentally)
then put them on each wrist acting like they are tied together.
Landon showing off his collection.
Last night Dan was flying, which meant the boys and I were on our own for dinner.
I made it simple...chicken quesadillas.
I was going to make corn nibblets to go with it, but they protested.
Instead, the boys requested to have some bananas.
Fine, I just wanted to get them to eat and not scream.
Then Logan requested ketchup for his banana.
Yes, ketchup.
He then proceeded to actually eat a banana with ketchup on it!
After a few bites he forgot about the banana...
his fingers then became skates in the ketchup--which he ate.

A while back we planted a lot of different seeds.
We had gone to the store (actually were looking for a new patio set), and the boys each picked out what they wanted to grow.
Logan's watermelons are beginning to pop up now!
Not that we'll be here long enough to see them get much bigger,
but it is still fun for the boys to watch.

Landon trying to help pull up the fence.

This next week is going to prove to be yet another hectic one. Dan should finish up primary tomorrow! {YAY} Sometime in the beginning of the week he will get orders. With those we will be able to schedule movers and talk to the housing office in Corpus about getting on a wait list (if there is one). We are hoping to have the packers here on May 31st and then the movers load everything up on June 1st. Or they might take 2 days to pay and 1 to load, we'll just have to see how many people they send out. So many plans right now are just tentative. We can't make anything definite until we get the movers set up. Our 5th wedding anniversary is next month. Our last vacation (meaning a true kids involved, going somewhere new, etc) was back in 2004! We are over due. So, we're going to try to make it on a cruise from June 6th-13th. Then the next weekend Dan and I will make the drive to Texas. Later that week G will fly out with the boys (oh gosh, that could be interesting!) and Landon will begin soccer came on the 28th. It is going to be a crazy month of June with a lot of fun things and changes happening, but we're looking forward to it!

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