Friday, August 20, 2010

Last Friday of Freedom

Part of me feels like this summer has flown past.

Goodbyes, packers, moving truck, cruise, time off, driving to Texas, moving into our new house, soccer, swim lessons, new friends, etc.

Other parts of me feel like the past few months have been an eternity. When there isn't a schedule things somehow are that much more hectic. Soon that will be coming to an end.

On Monday, the 23rd, Landon will begin pre-k at Flour Bluff-Early Childhood Center. On the 26th Dan will class up to begin advanced flight training. Not that Dan will have a set schedule but he'll at least be doing more than he has been lately.

Today was Landon's open house.
Minutes before we were going to leave he announced he wanted to make his teacher a card.
He really wanted to make it pretty with glitter,
but we didn't have time for the glue to dry.
We grabbed some paper and crayons and he set to work.
Landon decided to make a drawing of himself and write his name on it,
"that way my teacher will know who I am."
Ms. Miller loved it and taped it up on a cabinet right away,
Landon beamed :)
When we got home the boys put on their bathing suits and helped Daddy was his truck.
They scrubbed and rinsed and dried until it was all sparkly!
Then we went inside for lunch and rests.
After taking a rest Logan was asking to go play in the sprinkler,
so we did!
Landon was kicking a little soccer ball through the sprinkler.
Logan made his "big jet" fly through the sprinkler.
Landon being a goofball with a stained popsicle mouth.
I wish I would have noticed that little piece of grass on his cheek before snapping this!
The sprinkler play got a little boring so we got out the slide.
Landon crashing down.
All Logan wanted to do was jump down to the bottom,
which he kept saying were "cannon balls"
Landon jumping down.
Flying through the air.

Logan's jumping sequence.
The boys hiding with water guns,
waiting to attack Daddy.
Landon on the attack
Tough guy!
Logan trying to shake water out of his ear before we headed in.

*PHEW* Now today was a busy day! Dan has to work all night (and can't sleep, yikes!) tonight. Tomorrow we plan to lay low around the house for most of the day then we're hoping to catch a Corpus Christi Hooks game tomorrow night to end our last night that we can be care free for the summer!

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