Friday, April 15, 2011


Today the weather is dreary and blah. My car is in the shop. The boys were getting a little stir crazy around the house so I was trying to think of something to do. Then I remembered the box of cake mix and icing I had bought a few weeks ago for spring/Easter cupcakes. So we got to work baking!

The boys took turns dumping in the water and veggie oil
Then they stirred it all up

Each picked a muffin tin and put the liners in.
Landon was excited that they are sports themed-just like their room.

They kept checking on the cupcakes progress as they baked
The finished product, yum!
Logan digging in
Landon trying one out
Finger lickin' good!

And yeah...I'm pretty sure I 100% spoiled their lunch. Well, Landon's at least--he ate it all, Logan just ate about 1/3 of his. Oh well! I can't be mean mom all the time :)

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