Sunday, April 10, 2011

Strawberry Sunday


Strawberries and I are close friends. We go WAY back. Heck, just look at my post about March and my strawberry birthday cake history! A friend had told me a few weeks ago about this strawberry festival put on over in Loxley. It's across the bay and about a 45 minute drive, but I knew I wanted to go. It's only a 2 day event. I wasn't really feeling up to it after a tee ball game yesterday (which I didn't take my camera to...shocker I know...but Logan actually played this week!), so just didn't think I'd be going at all. Dan is on duty today {blech} and I didn't think I'd want to take the boys by myself.

Well, I must have woken up on the right side of the bed this morning. I wanted to get out of the house and go do something. I feel like we've been around the house way too much lately and it was starting to drive me bonkers. So I asked the boys if they wanted to go, Landon wanted to know if people would be playing maracas as the festival (thanks to either Dora or Diego I'm guessing), I told them what it was and of course they were game. So we began getting ready...and finally almost 3 hours later and several snaffus along the way (like BOB needing a new inner tube), we were out the door and on the road. Then about 10 minutes before we got there Logan fell asleep. Eek! I got him out of the car which woke him and and right away he said, "it's a nice sunny day!" Then refused to admit he had been sleeping. I was worried it could cause an attitude issue but he woke up happy and we had a great day!

Landon riding a horse.
Logan had NO interest in riding.

There was also a petting zoo area.
Logan LOVED the rabbits.
Landon trying to get the little pig
Logan and the baby goat.
Next up we were off to the Spiderman bounce house.
Spiderman + my boys + bounce house = match made in heaven
Landon jumping around
Logan doing flips.
I really think we need to get him involved in gymnastics.
He loves to tumble and has incredible upper body strength
(well, all over body strength really)

Logan loves to dance and perform.
There was some music playing and he just started dancing and having a blast!
Landon in a fireman's helmet
Logan trying on fireman gear.
The brothers on board!
Landon just wanted to hang off like this.
He also requested I take pictures of him doing so!
Logan ready for a call.

Drum roll please....

It was hot.
The boys were sweaty.
So it was finally time.
Strawberry shortcake time!
Landon trying out his first bite.
Logan... child who would live off of strawberries if I let him...
would not eat a single bite!
Instead he poked his finger into the whipped cream twice and was done.
Happy Doodle!

A big part of the festival was a craft fair as well. The boys and I picked up some goodies.

Easter sign to hang on the front door.
Eggs the boys picked out.
Of course Landon got green.
Logan was a little upset there wasn't red but decided pink was close enough.
We went ahead and got Keighan one for next year
(hey it was 2/$8 or 3/$ brainer to me!)
No...this isn't from there!
When we moved we redid the boys in this Pottery Barn Kids bedding.
Their walls are pretty bare right now.
So we found these paintings to put up in their room!
Now I'll just need to make a trip to the store and get some frames for them.
Logan was most excited about the hockey one.
Landon was just mad I wouldn't let him get one of the name signs that they had,
even if it was a sports theme to match their room.

We also picked up a bib and burp cloth for Keighan!
It's all the little things that you seem to forget about.
You'd think being my 3rd child I'd be on top of the game as to what he (we) need.
Yeah, things like burp cloths....totally escaped my mind!

After we finished at the Strawberry Festival we headed down the road to the Foley Outlets. Strawberries + outlets...yeah, shaping up to totally be my kind of day! I actually had a few things in mind that I needed from some stores there so we tried to make it quick. The boys were pretty excited to get some new Jibbitz for their Crocs.

Landon's pick
Logan's pick

They carried these around the rest of the day. I kept checking every few minutes to make sure they didn't get set down or forgotten about somewhere. As soon as we got home the first thing they wanted to do was to put them on their Crocs!

After the outlets we were all pretty beat. However, I had one more stop I wanted to make. Publix! I have a slight obsession with Publix. When you shop there all the time you don't realize how awesome it is. I've moved around a lot and very rarely have had the pleasure of shopping at a Publix on a regular basis. The closest one to us now is about 40min away...and we would be going almost right by it on the way home. The thought of a Boar's Head roast beef sub with a Publix lemonade to drink was just too tempting to pass by. The boys both passed out on the trip from the outlets to Publix. They aren't used to such long days, especially without naps! I contemplated on continuing home...but decided if I got them up then then perhaps it could mean an early bedtime. So we headed into Publix. I got my sub and lemonade, the boys got a cookie and popcorn chicken, then we picked up a few groceries that I could remember from the list. The boys were also pretty excited that our bagger gave them for Landon and red for Logan. So my day at this point was strawberries + outlets + I dreaming?!

My guys passed out on the way to Publix.

We got home, put on the Jibbitz, then headed upstairs for a quick bath and bedtime routine even though it was about an hour early. Now the boys are down, the groceries are still sitting on the counter, and I'm just worn out. The thought of a nice soaking bubble bath (the tub in the new house is amazingly awesome and huge), has crossed my mind a few times. I just wonder if I would be able to get up out of it between my now aching body (thank you pregnancy!) and my pure exhaustion from the day. Maybe I'll just go crawl in bed instead and see what adventures tomorrow brings us!

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