Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Happy Easter everyone!

Friday we dyed eggs. I tried to keep it as clean as possible, but who was I kidding with a 5 year old and 3 year old!

They wore gloves to keep their hands from being multi-colored for days to come...
which lasted all of about 30 seconds!

Landon actually does not like to get messy,
although it is inevitable!
He very carefully placed his eggs into the bowls
then wanted to wipe them clean if anything got on them.

Logan on the other hand...
it's near impossible to keep him clean!

All smiles with eggs in every color

Logan had Lightning McQueen stickers to decorate his eggs with.
He carefully placed several stickers on,
with Daddy's help,
and just as soon as they were all on he wanted to peel them back off!

Logan with one of his "red" eggs
Landon putting a Star Wars wrapper on one of his eggs

The finished products!
Logan's ended up just being plain without anything on them.
Landon had Star Wars decorations on them.
Mommy got in on the action and made a few too :)

Dan had duty on Saturday, which means he wasn't relieved until about 8am on Sunday. So I had to get creative about how the EB would come to visit us this year! I put together the baskets then hid them in the back of my car. At one point while the boys were distracted I snuck out into the garage and grabbed them then went through the gate into the backyard and put them on the patio table. We hadn't hyped up that Easter was today. Logan knew it was and woke me up saying "Happy Easter, I want some chocolate eggs!" Landon never mentioned it. I was afraid what they would think if there was nothing visible from the EB. Thankfully crisis was avoided. In the back of my car I had also put all the eggs for the egg hunt. When Dan got home he went straight to work hiding them before he ever came in so the boys never knew. It's near impossible to get the boys dressed unless they know we are going somewhere. So I told them we were going to go out to breakfast for something fun and different once Daddy got home, and they went for it. So after the eggs were hidden then Dan came inside acting like he just got home from work. The boys were very excited about going out to breakfast. So we went out to my car and we spotted a trail of carrots leading to the back yard! There they started seeing eggs and eventually their baskets. Landon was SO excited about all the eggs he wasn't interested in his basket at all!

How the baskets were set up on the table outside
(this was Sat night though after I put them together)
Discovering the first carrot piece from the trail the EB left

Following the trail into the backyard

The boys checking out their baskets

A new Lightning McQueen
We have multiples of this exact same one
(it came in a set),
but he was still super excited about it!

The baskets outside

Logan with his swimming Nemo.
A week or so ago the boys got hair cuts.
At the barber shop there were several Nemos,
it was nearly impossible to get Logan to leave them there.

Landon showing off his super hero Silly Bandz

Landon finding a camo egg,
he's been all about all things camo lately

Logan playing with a toy during the egg hunt

Landon finding an egg.
He was running around going nuts finding them

Landon found a Lightning McQueen "egg"

Then knowing his brother is a huge McQueen fanatic
he promptly decided to give it to Logan!
Love my sweet boys!

Logan finding his own McQueen "egg"

As Logan found eggs he insisted on opening each one as he put it in his basket.
Often times he'd snack a little too as he went.
Logan found some eggs at the top of his new house
(which is what he calls the fort part of the play set)

Down, down, down, the slide with a basket full of eggs!

Landon grabbing a Spiderman egg

Finding some more eggs to add to his loot

The boys looking for more

Daddy and the boys surveying the yard to see if any are left

Logan lost interest in the egg hunt pretty quickly.
He wanted to check out what he found
(and eat anything chocolate in sight),
and play with his new goodies!

Logan set up the picture taking cars all around McQueen

My happy guys!

So now they're on a sugar high thanks to goodies in their baskets and the eggs they found. I'm crossing my fingers that means they'll crash for a nap, but am not holding my breath on that hope!

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