Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a weekend!

*Phew* What a weekend we've had!

On Thursday G and Grumpa came to town. Dan was operating on about an hour of sleep after being on duty Wednesday night and having to deal with a case.

The plan was to build a swing set/tree fort/etc this weekend. Thursday night we drew up a plan, staked it all out, and then priced the materials. Then late at night turned a 180* in our plans and decided just to get a play set kit instead. Cheaper, less labor intensive, and would be finished this weekend. So we started hunting them out online and in Lowe's and Home Depot. After some handy dandy Googling we found a huge online retailer's warehouse is actually just about 20 minutes from here. Grumpa put in a call and they let us pick one up on Friday! So Dan got to work on it that afternoon.

Saturday morning was Landon and Logan's first tee-ball game! It's great because they are on the same team, really helps simplify my life! The league is super laid back. Landon is actually enjoying it this year and has improved leaps and bounds from last year! He's hitting hard, making outs, and most importantly having FUN! Logan....well, despite trying to get on the field every 2 seconds last year didn't seem to be as thrilled with the idea of getting to play this year. I think the lack of sleep from the night before had a lot to do with it. Hopefully next game will go better!

Saturday afternoon Dan again went to work on the play set. He was able to almost complete it all but we were missing some screws so that night a trip to Home Depot was made and then he finished it up on Sunday morning.

The boys have spent hours on it already, I know we will be out back on it whenever weather permits! Logan has taken to calling it his very own house and wants to eat at the picnic table part of it all the time now.

The Braves

Landon sliding into home.

He loves getting the clay on his pants.
After sliding he tells me that I need to buy some Oxy Clean haha!

Landon played 1st base, Dan was out there to help coach.
Dan....coaching t-ball?
That's something I never thought I'd say...err, write.

Landon made a few outs at 1st!

The boys hanging out on the bench while it was their team's turn to bat.


Dan trying to get Logan to bat,
he almost did...then decided he didn't want to after all.

Starting point on Saturday.

The boys just couldn't wait to try it out!
They were swinging while Dan was working on other parts.

Logan loves it!

Climbing all over everything while Daddy was still hard at work!

Logan is now known as Flipper.
He LOVES to do flips!

Sunday's desert...fondue!
We had chocolate and white chocolate fondues.
Strawberries, pineapple, apple, blueberries, marshmallows, Oreos, Nutter Butters, brownies, and cheesecake.

Landon loved dipping things into the chocolate!

Logan never dipped anything,
he just ate them straight as they were.
Including at least half of the pineapple that we had out!

All in all this was a great and very busy weekend! We got a ton done and had a lot of fun! G and Grumpa leave tomorrow then we'll be back to the normal daily grind.

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