Saturday, April 16, 2011

T-ball game #3

Today was t-ball game #3 for the season, also picture day!

....and this is how the day began.
Mr Cranky Pants was NOT interested in t-ball today.
He did NOT want his picture taken.
Yup, today I was mean mom and took a pic of him like this.

Getting set up for the team pic.
Logan sat there still but refused to look at the camera!
Landon kept trying to get him to look to no avail.

After Logan and I had some quiet time in the car, he decided he was ready to play.
Here are my 2 first basemen wanting the ball!

Hanging out on the bench waiting to bat.

Swing batter batter!

Yay, a hit for Logie!

He was so happy running down the first base line.

Landon was the next batter.

I'm not sure what is up with the backwards hat...
but that's how he insisted it be worn during the 2nd inning

Running the bases

Daddy ran the bases with Logan

Just like last week...the boy loves to dance!

I guess all that base running and dancing was tiring,
so Logan took his own time out on the 3rd base bag

Scoring a run

Landon going from 2nd to 3rd base

The many faces and attitudes of Lan!

Jumping home

Yep...they are still dog piling.
The 1st inning Landon did well staying at 1st base.
The 2nd inning he wanted in on the tackling action.
Here a coach is pulling Landon out of the bottom of the pile since he got the ball.

Running to get an out!

The day started off rough thanks to Logan...but after his attitude changed it was a great game for everyone. He's playing more and more each week, just has to be his idea. Landon is having a lot more fun this year, probably because it is extremely unstructured (which really, I'm not a fan of just how lax it is...some safety issues at times!), and he gets to play all the time. He certainly has improved over last year and this has helped change his outlook on the sport though so that makes mama happy! Of course I'm going to smile seeing them on the diamond having fun and doing well!

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