Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zing, Zang, Zoom!

The circus came to town! It was the Zing, Zang, Zoom! show by Barnum & Bailey. Before we moved out here we bought tickets. Thankfully Dan didn't have duty that night.

The boys were SOO excited to go. We went on July 3rd.

See why I don't usually have as many pics of L1?
This is the reaction I get.
Or a scowl or he turns away.
It's not that I play favorites!
At least L2 will still smile for me,
well...sometimes anyways.
Before the show we walked around the staging area.
Got to see most of the animals up close.
We could also walk around the arena.
This is the motorcycle used in the show,
built by the Orange County Choppers!
(Who I met back in 2004 when they were in Daytona where I worked to catch a flight out on the local Harley store owner's jet)
Landon spinning a plate on his finger.
He was so excited about doing this!
And the show began!

We can't even get our cats to stop knocking over their water bowl
or stay off the counter.
Yet this guy could get these tigers to do all sorts of tricks.
Think we could hire him to come here? ha.
Landon clapping at the end of the show.

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