Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A quick house tour

One of these days the house will be perfect.

Everything will be put away.

Everything will be clean.

Everything will be tidy.

There won't be any laundry waiting to be done!

Yes...one of these days...maybe in 16 years when my kids are out of the house!

But, one day before that...and hopefully before we move, the house will be presentable enough to take pics of the rooms. My magic ball predicts that will be next month before G's visit, ha! For now you'll have to see it without anything in it.

The living room area.
Taken standing in the front door.
Looking back is the dining room area...to the left is the kitchen.
Dining area.
We also put the computer desk in here,
it's a really spacious area!
The kitchen.
Looking at the floor plans I was so excited to see the bar area.
We picked up the bar stools that had been at my parent's house for the last 5 years.
Played Tetris with them in the truck to get them out here.
And now the dang bar counter is too tall to be of much use!
I had visions of snack and lunches being served there, oh well.
The garage.
It's really a decent size!
Has a work bench area
also a lot of storage under the stairs.
The master bedroom,
and half a Dan
Master closet.
Holy closet space!
Master bath.
Yes...we have more than 2' of space in this bathroom!
(Our "master" bath back in Milton was ridiculously tiny)
Upstairs bathroom.
We also have a half bath downstairs.
L1 & L2's bedroom.
They also have a walk-in closet.
The toy room,
which doubles as the guest room with the pull out couch in it
The house from the outside.

Yep, it's a duplex. But we don't mind a bit. It doesn't feel like we share walls at all. Our neighbors (the ones we share a wall with), are awesome. He is actually a Coastie as well...exact same thing Dan used to be (AET2 on Falcons). They have 2 boys also...who are 4yrs and 2yrs old! We really lucked out.

So that's a quick tour of the house. It has quite a bit of room. Our only complaints are the bedroom sizes. I wished they would have made the master bath and closet a little smaller but the bedroom a little larger. We don't have room for my dresser in the bedroom, so it is in the garage (but I keep my clothes on the built in shelves). Overall we're happy here. Only here until February-ish so it wouldn't be hard to live with anything until then.

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