Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Outside fun

Despite it being 7,264 degrees outside (and that's hardly an exaggeration), we spend a lot of time outside. 4-wheelers, bikes, PlasmaCars, roller skates, playground fun, pool fun, water slide, on and on.

Rylan and Landon
They love to race the PlasmaCars down the little slope of the driveway
Logan has been so into his car lately.
He's really getting a bit big for it!
Stair steps.
Landon, Rylan, Logan, and Kaden
The older boys discovered if they plugged the water jet it would spray.
Which of course meant the younger ones had to investigate it also
My big fish!
Logan and Submarine Rocket going down the slide
Landon diving down the slide
Rylan and Kaden came over to play too
Landon and Rylan going backwards, together.
Here is where some of the craziness started
Some days we've played so long and so hard the result is this!
Logan passed out on the couch.

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