Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Model Rockets

Landon had been asking for quite some time to get a model airplane. Finally I came across a 50% off coupon for Hobby Lobby and his behavior had been pretty decent, so the 4 of us set off to the store in search of a model airplane.

So we searched the massive store and found the right aisle. We spent what seemed like an eternity picking out just the right plane. Nothing too difficult to build, etc. Finally Landon made his choice and we went walking through the rest of the store searching for a few thing I needed.

The he started talking about how he couldn't wait to fly his airplane. Woah buddy, put on the breaks there a minute! The hubs and I had to explain to him that this airplane couldn't fly and it wasn't really a toy. You put it together then put it on a shelf to look at it.

Turns out what he really wanted was model rockets to shoot off! Good thing Hobby Lobby carries those too. So then the process of picking out the perfect one began again. Finally it was decided upon. There were 2 in this particular package and it came with a launcher. Grabbed some engines and off we went. Later Dan had to return for some special kind of cement stuff. We thought he would be returning again for some wadding something or other. Instead he ripped up some old fire proof long johns and used those.

Getting everything set up
Landon setting off his
Coming back down
Logan launching his
Coming back down

They have set them off a few times now and get a kick out of them!


  1. Hi Morgan I love the pictures! What camera do you have? All of them turn out soo great!

  2. Thanks :) I use a Nikon D90, usually with a 50mm 1.8 lens.