Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hooks game

Corpus has a local minor league team, the Corpus Christi Hooks. We decided to head downtown to the field and check them out.

Our seats were in the berm.
Can't beat 3 tickets for $12!
(Logan was free)
Between the 2 berm areas they had a play place for kids set up.
Daddy and the boys went to investigate while I stayed with our spot.
Here they are across the field!
The boys immediately chilled out on the blanket.
Well, for a few moments anyways.
I knew it was too good to last long.
Landon watching the game.
He was SO relaxed there!

Logan was pretty relaxed too soaking up the rays and the game.
The boys at the wall where we were sitting.
Yeah, that relaxation didn't last long.
Soon they were rolling down the hill!

Landon busting a move while some music played.
They gave out aluminum water bottles to the first 2,000 or so fans.
Logan insisted that I took a picture of him with one.
No brainer...
a stadium in Corpus Christi of course will be sponsored by Whataburger!
Corpus is the home of Whataburger, they are everywhere!
We told the boys they needed to pay attention to the game
incase a ball came to where we were sitting.
It had Logan freaked out for a little,
worried a ball was going to hit him on his head.
No balls came our way.
We left the top of the 5th inning,
as we were walking out a home run was hit
and landed right where we had been sitting!
Oh well, maybe next time.
The boys by the statue at the entrance to the field.

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