Tuesday, August 10, 2010

4th of July

For the 4th of July we did a little cook out for the 4 of us. Then we headed to the Texas State Aquarium. Some of our friends from back in Milton now live about 45min away (he is in flight school also, jets for the Navy). They have a membership to the aquarium which was opened up that night for everyone to hang out on the lawn to watch the fireworks over the water. So we joined them!

Landon before dinner.
Logan chowing down on his cheese burger.
He has had a thing about burgers lately and just devours them!
Landon and Grace seeing each other for the first time since moving here.
Amelia, Grace, and Landon checking out a touch tank in the aquarium.
Amelia and Logan chowing on some cupcakes I made.
They had to pass the time somehow...
tackle Daddy!
The boys and me
Hmm. He has always gone for the older women.
Daddy and Logan watching the fireworks!
Logan was not amused.
So he began to play a game on my phone instead.

It was a really late night. Traffic was ridiculous. The show didn't even start until well after bedtime. We had a great time though!

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