Saturday, August 21, 2010

The not in a box not quite bento lunch

It's not in a box.

It's not rice, sushi, etc.

It certainly does not have chop sticks.
{although I'm thinking the boys will turn the pretzels into them at some point}

But it is as close as we'll get to a Bento lunch right now.

L1 and L2's schmorgesborg of a lunch today.
L1 was requesting everything under the sun,
so this is what I came up with.
*Dinosaur turkey sandwich.
*Kiwi and strawberries cut into stars with sword sticks.
*Pretzels. Cheese stick.
*Mini corn dogs cut in half stuck with another sword stick.
* which they both dipped the mini corn dogs,
and pretzels (yuck).

L2 trying out the kiwi.
This was actually the first time they've eaten it.
L2 has had an obsession with strawberry kiwi juice lately.
Also the kiwi puzzle on a game he plays on the iPhone.
The blur in the pic?
L1 shoving a piece of kiwi in my face asking if the seeds were ok to eat.
The aftermath.
Plate cleared, milk downed.
Now I'm crossing my fingers that a full belly=a long nap!

I picked up the silicone pinch bowls and swords from World Market yesterday while running errands (yes, I managed to fit in errands in that busy day too!). The star cookie cutter and dinobyte we already had.

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