Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of PreK!

August 23, 2010....Landon's first day of PreK!

Landon before heading to school.
He was getting irritated with me at this point.
It's super hot and muggy,
(radio on the way to school said a high of 101...before heat index),
my lens kept fogging up after walking outside!
In front of the Flour Bluff ISD sign.
All of the schools are in the same area and all are Flour Bluff,
then you have Early Childhood Education (PreK & K),
Primary School (1-2), Elementary (3-4),
on up through 12th grade.
Mrs. Miller and Landon

He has been SO excited about going to school. Yesterday he jumped up at one point in the morning and said, "OH! I forgot! I have to go to school today!!" We had to tell him he still had one more day off. He was fine with getting ready this morning and we all loaded up to go in. With all the schools being in the same area it was really congested traffic wise. Busses, cars, people....everywhere. It took a few minutes to get to a parking spot. When I went to let him out he was frozen, kept telling me he was tired (he does that when he gets scared/nervous/doesn't want to do something). We went to where the crossing guard was and crossed over to his school. Landon was walking pretty slow and timid, I was a little concerned how it was going to go at that point. The chaos was a bit overwhelming. We went to the PreK hallway where all the PreK students were lined up outside their classrooms. After a few minutes Mrs. Miller came out and told everyone to come in. They filed in and found seats on the large alphabet rug. Mrs. Miller then began talking to them asking them to look at their backpacks and remember what they look like before they put them away. At that point I heard Landon pipe up excitedly, "I already know what mine looks like, it's green it's my favorite color!" Then the 3 of us left. Now even though Logan is home it's oddly quiet without Landon here. PreK is only 3 hours long though so it won't be long before our house it back it's usual capacity and the noise level up.

Oh...for the record, since my dear husband was convinced I was going to be a big emotional tearful wreck, I just want to say not a single tear was shed.

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