Tuesday, August 10, 2010

British Challenger Soccer Camp

Ok, here we go on a blog updating spree again. Brace yourselves!

Before we moved to Texas, I was looking up things to do. I found a local soccer club. On their website they had a blurb about the British Challenger soccer camp coming. This is something I was going to sign Landon up for last summer, but the locations were all a good 30-40 min away and I wasn't driving that for an hour of camp. Now he's older he got to go for about 2 hours and the fields here are only about 10 min away, much better! So I signed him up.

Landon doing some drills.
Notice the colorful ball?
Yes, courtesy of his mama's mad skills with Sharpies.
He got a jersey, t-shirt, and ball for the camp.
The first day they asked the kids to color their balls
so they could be distinguished a little easier.
Landon picked orange and green, no shock there!
Which, of course, meant Logan needed to have his colored as well.
Anyone who knows him shouldn't be surprised to see it is,
"Red like rocket!"
As in the Little Einsteins rocket.
The boys playing together.
Landon practicing trapping the ball.
Daddy and Logan came up with a new favorite game to pass the time.
Logan had Daddy jump over him over and over again.
The camp happened to be the same week Hurricane Alex rolled through.
So one day was cancelled and the others were held in a gym,
the fields were just too saturated.
The other kids from Landon's group didn't show.
So he got to play with the big kids and did great!
Landon with his coaches after the last day.

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